Sunday, January 27, 2013

Joe's Grill on 4th Ave in Kitsilano

Finally - a place in Vancouver that doesn't charge one first born child for eggs and bacon!!

You know I love me some breakfast food. I'll seek out the perfect over-medium egg until the proverbial cows come home. Joe's Grill is, compared to its fancy 4th Ave neighbors, a totally unassuming place from the outside... but these people are doing it right.

joe's grill, kitsilano, 4th ave, vancouver

Whether it's 2:45 in the afternoon and I'm one of the few people in the place, or it's 10:30 in the morning and the restaurant is packed, my eggs were over-medium. Someone in the kitchen at Joe's gives a crap about how their eggs are cooked. That's what's up. I couldn't wait to take Dave there.

These breakfasts cost what a simple breakfast really SHOULD cost at a restaurant - eggs/home fries/toast costs $5.65 and adding ham/bacon/sausage to that only brings it up to $6.45.

breakfast at joe's grill, 4th ave vancouver

The bacon is what Dave and I very fondly refer to as "Chinese food bacon" because it tastes a little bit like Chinese food. We run into it in different restaurants all over the place - I don't know what is different about it that gives it such a distinct taste... but Boston - you can go to The Brighton Cafe to taste it yaself, ked! At Joe's, it's simply delicious: four or five generous strips, not too thick, not too skimpy, not too fatty to eat. Just damn good. Mmm...

For an extra $1.50, you can substitute fruit or tomato for the potatoes, which I was all over. The side of fruit is not the same "freshness and taste" quality as Sophie's Cosmic Cafe - which is a restaurant I've GOT to write about sometime because I love their breakfast as well. But Joe's is a perfect choice when you don't feel like waiting for Sophie's to have a free seat and also don't want to pay the extra $ for Sophie's. Joe's is just a few doors down the street, and it's jussssst fine for me!

I really like how casual Joe's is - it reminds me of something more small-town than the other places on 4th Ave in Vancouver. The big, brightly painted food/coffee artwork on the walls was a cheerful touch to the low-key room.
bright paintings

bright paintings

Also, here are three words that you can't beat:  Breakfast. All. Day.

Mmmhmm, get yo' 3:30pm breakfast on ladiiiiies!

Overall, I'm definitely going to keep going back to Joe's Grill. I've only had their breakfast, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day... and they make theirs well. Chuch.

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