Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eardrum Gold: Listen to This Song Cover/Mashup

I love finding covers of my favorite songs on YouTube - hearing different interpretations of my favorites gives me a new way to listen to a song I've listened to countless times before.

The other day I completely accidentally and unknowingly stumbled onto something that ended up being a mashup of two of my favorite songs EVER. I was looking up covers of Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River and found this one... a girl name Edei doing an acoustic cover that also purported to be a "mashup version with a twist," though she didn't say what it was mashed up with.

Well, hell, I love me a good mashup so I started listening to it and by about the :25 mark, the thought spontaneously popped into my head, "You should also look up 'Ain't No Sunshine' covers." It's another one of my all-time favorite songs. So anyway, I continued listening to Edei's lovely and simple rendition of the song, when what the hell does she mash it up with at the 3:15 mark?? AIN'T NO G.D. SUNSHINE.  #YEWKIDDINGME? EARDRUM GOLD.

It was too good not to share it!


Warning: Cheese factor on this video is.... not low. 


He better not blow it. No presh!

Do you have any favorite covers? I'd love to hear them. In fact, I'll die without them, sooo... Don't be responsible for that.

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  1. Love it! Justin is smart not forcing something - that way he'll still love it. Although, I know it does torture youuuuuuuu.


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