Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Bling Nails

My apologies for the complete cliff-hanger with our Christmas road trip to Banff. It's taking me much longer to write Part II than I'd anticipated, and editing all of the pictures is also a little more time consuming than I'd factored in. The post is almost complete and will hopefully be up in the next couple of days. And, as I'd fore-warned, there is going to be a Part III as well! Yikes.

In the meantime I wanted to quickly post this new nail polish blog because I rather fancied this look and it actually required some sincere patience on my part to complete... So here is some Winter Bling for your nails to make you feel fucking awesome!

navy blue polish with silver glitter
.  winter bling nails!  .
Here's what I used... As you can see, both of these polishes are from the Forever21 Love & Beauty line, which are super cheap polishes - usually either $2.80 or $3.80. I have a ton of polishes from this line, as you can imagine

love and beauty crystal silver nail polish
.  crystal silver  .
love and beauty navy nail polish
.  navy  .
Crystal Silver is really cool and I'm very glad I bought it. It's got a clear base with fine silver glitter and chunky hexagonal silver glitter and it looks cool on top of... everything so far. "Navy" is literally the name of the blue polish and although I don't have very high hopes that you'll be able to find this exact same navy blue polish from Forever21, I'm going to rave about it to you right now anyway. It's an AWESOME color!! It's such a pretty navy blue, with a slight hint of "royal" blue to it. It's so bright and vibrant. Probably what I like moooost about it though is that there's no glitter or shimmer in it at all. It's kind of tricky to find polishes that don't have any shimmer whatsoever, but this one is totally devoid of any. Very regal looking. #SEWPERCLASSY

Here's what I did with all this regalness:

1. Paint every nail 2 coats of Navy.
2. Cover thumbnails with one coat of Crystal Silver.
3. Paint the tips of your pointer, middle and ring fingers with Crystal Silver - kind of like a French manicure except way more boss.
4. Use every ounce of patience that you have to carefully pluck out chunky hexagonal glitter pieces from the Crystal Silver polish, place them gingerly on your pinky nail and tap them down to push them solidly into place... one... by.... one. Here are a couple of progress pictures from while I was doing this step:

1/3 done with one nail!
navy blue polish with silver glitter
.  sorry for zee blurriness, i must have been going cross-eyed from all the blinging .
2/3 done with one nail!
navy blue polish with silver glitter

When you're done you feel like you're just one bling short of having one of those Beyonce robot hands from the Single Ladies music video. And who doesn't want that?! #robothandsgetshitdone

navy blue polish with silver glitter

Now... put your hands UP!

navy blue polish with silver glitter

... Get it?

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