Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Concord Battlegrounds and a Bit of Boston

At this point, it's been kind of awhile since I got back from my voyage to Massachusetts, but I am still coming across photos from my trip that I haven't posted here yet!

Dave and I have a sort of unique habit of splitting up when we go home to Mass. to visit. His family lives about 2 ½ hours away from mine, which usually results in the two of us retreating to our separate parts of the state and spending time with family/friends separately. So though we flew into the state together, we were then actually apart for about 2 ½ weeks. #WompWomp.

When only a few days remained in our trip before we'd be flying back to Seattle together, the two of us reconnected at Dave's parents' house in Boxboro, MA for a few days of relaxing alone. (His family was vacationing down on the Cape.)

Boxboro is about 40 minutes northwest of Boston, right smack in the middle of tons of historic points of interest. There are super old rock walls all throughout the town as well as plenty of old-as-hell houses. The town is neighbored by nearby Concord, Lincoln and Lexington with Cambridge also just down Route 2.

If you were to make the trek from Boxboro back southeast towards Boston, you could make quite the historical "American Revolution" tour out of it. So we did!

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Dave and I set out from his parents' beautiful Boxboro home and made the short trip to Concord. We parked at the Visitor Center and took a look around the building's exhibit before beginning our afternoon of walking along the Battle Road Trail.

Battle Road Trail is definitely interesting, especially if you are into American history. Along the 5-mile trail you'll pass historic houses, taverns and farmlands, as well as Revolution-related sites, like the spot where Paul Revere was stopped and detained by British militia on the night of his infamous midnight ride.

There are still old rock walls along each side of the historic road, so you can really envision what it would have been like for it to have been an active road hundreds of years ago.

Battle Road Trail, Lincoln, Concord, Massachusetts

.  click to enlarge!  .
Some of the old houses were actually open to the public, complete with employed re-enactors performing and answering questions.

.  hartwell tavern  .

Here I am as a tavern bar wench:

.  don't i look like i might serve you a drink and then punch you in the face?  .

.  captain william smith house  .

.  featuring ya girl!  .

The following day, a sunny and perfectly-temperatured Monday, we drove into Boston to continue our historic crawl.

But the first order of business on a beautiful Boston summer day is to relax on the grass in the Boston Common (America's oldest public park) - soaking in the sunshine, blue skies, and wonderfully familiar skyline:

Boston skyline, from the Boston Commons
.  le sigh  .

The Common's Frog Pond transforms from an ice skating rink in the Boston winters to a shallow community waterhole in the hot Boston summers:

Frog Pond, Boston, Summer

After basking in the Common's summer energy for a bit, we jumped onto the freedom trail and spent the afternoon following it through Boston's Financial District and North End.

Here's the Old State House - where the Declaration of Independence was read to the people for the first time. It was also the site of the Boston Massacre:

Part of the charm of Boston is that there is so much history surrounded by modern elements. You can see in the above photo that the Old State House is overlooked by skyscrapers.

.  the old city hall  .

Have you ever walked the Freedom Trail or Battle Trail Road in Massachusetts? They'd probably both be lovely in the fall!
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  1. "Here I am as a tavern bar wench". Totally. :) I looooove Concord but haven't done that trail. Sounds like we're due for another visit!

    1. Definitely do it! It's a perfect way to spend an afternoon :)

  2. These pictures are so pretty! I've never been up there to visit, but you definitely make me want to hop on a plane ;)

    1. Massachusetts is a beautiful state :) I hope you get to visit sometime!

  3. amazing pictures, i haven't been either but hopefully soon! Heart of Chic

  4. Love these pictures! I've been fascinated with Boston since my history class. But sadly I'm not even close to 'a hop of a plane ride' away.

    Haha, I love the caption of your 'tavern wench' picture.

  5. Lovely pictures!


  6. I LOVE Boston!! Great photos!

    1. Aww well it makes me happy to hear you say that. I love Boston too!!! :D


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