Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sweat Round Up of the Week

Man, what a raaaainy week we've had here in Vancouver. Get used to hearing me say that sentence for the next 7 months! Yesterday we took a mighty wet hike up Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver, with at times torrential rain fall. I'm not sure exactly what we were thinking, but at least it was a way to get some outdoor exercise!

Here's my workout round up of the past week... it's not lengthy.

9/23 (lower body and core)
20 mins elliptical
12 split squats each leg, 10 lbs each hand
30 Russian get ups, 5 lbs each hand
30 alternating lunges, 10 lbs each hand
30 weighted v-sit twist, holding 10 lbs
30 heel presses each leg
- 10 bridges
- 10 single leg hip lifts each leg
12 deadlifts, 10 lbs each hand

9/26 (cardio)
25 mins biking

9/28 (cardio)
Hiked about 6km on Mt. Seymour

The hike yesterday was so wet that we couldn't really even take out our cameras to snap any pictures. Our friend Evan managed to snap this one picture of his 3 hiking companions - Lauren (Dave and Evan's colleague), me and David:

Rainy hike on Mt. Seymour, North Vancouver
.  moisture  .
.  thanks for letting me steal your pic evan  .

What have you been up to exercise-wise this past week? What's your favorite exercise?

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  1. Wow! Your exercise routine looks amazing! Mine is the total opposite: a 1 mile walk/jog every other day. Haha!


    I emailed you about design stuff for you blog. I tried to leave it as a comment here, but Blogger kept freezing up because I didn't have my computer. But now I do! So feel free to respond wherever. :)

  2. Well done! My exercise has been non-existant lately :( Do you have any favourite DVDs for at home use?

    1. I don't usually follow along with exercise DVDs at home because it gets so hot in my apartment when I try to do that! I tend to learn exercise moves online from different websites or YouTube channels, and then take that knowledge with me to the gym. I have tried the Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD, which was full of good moves that you can do at home or at the gym!

  3. Seems like the only thing we don't have in common is that I don't exercise! lol I should tho. :) ;)

  4. Ooo hiking in the rain sounds so fun!! It's been pretty cool here too and rained a couple times. As long as it doesn't snow I'm happy!

  5. You make my workouts pale in comparison, haha!
    And that looks like some seriously heavy rain but you guys look so happy. :D

    1. I was still pretty happy at the point the photo was taken - though starting to feel a bit chillier ;)

  6. Great job! This post made me feel very guilty for not working out at all these past weeks lol.


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