Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sweat Round Up of the Week

I didn't post my Sweat Round Up last weekend because I was off on a spectacular hiking/scrambling adventure, which I think trumps writing about physical activity. #IWin.

So here's my outline of activity since my last Sweat check-in, sparse though it is.


Hiking/scrambling north of Pemberton, BC (blog/pics to come!!)

10k (6.25 mi) run/walk intervals around our Seawall bike path loop:

9/6 (full body - just trying to jolt my muscles back into activity after a 2-week break from weights!)
5 mins elliptical
12 squats, 12 lbs each hand
12 bent over rows, 12 lbs each hand
30 calf raises, 12 lbs each hand
12 overhead press, 12 lbs each hand
20 deadlifts, 12 lbs each hand
40 alternating medicine ball flys w/ 6 lb medicine ball
40 bridges
12 tricep kickbacks, 5 lbs each hand
10 deltoid fly, 5 lbs each hand
10 deltoid raises, 5 lbs each hand
1:20 plank
5 mins elliptical

And right now, rather than lifting weights at the gym, I am blogging and watching the Patriots game. Maybe I'll get to the gym later on though :)

What are you up to today? I'm excited to share the pictures from my scrambling trip - hopefully I can get to that soon!

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  1. Love all the fun, outdoor activities you've been doing. Whoop!

  2. looks like a lotta fun!! :)


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