Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quick "Draw By Night" Recap: Catnado

Having skipped the bi-monthly Draw By Night event in July (for no good reason, really), by late August it had been awhile since I'd gone to a good old fashioned drawing party. Goodness - I'm just looking back now and realizing the last one I went to was way back in May! Eesh!

I was excited when another DBN was announced a few weeks ago, which I attended in Vancouver on the evening of August 28.

The theme of the evening was Catnado - combining society's apparent obsession with both cats and Sharknado... two bandwagons onto which I've yet to leap. (For the record, I will never like cats. Sharknado is probably good for a laugh, at the very least.) Because of this, my attempts at drawing that night were sort of.... stunted. I was just not inspired!

cat drawing, shark fin
.  this is supposed to be a cat with a shark fin strapped to his back  .
 I like to think that the cat wearing the tie is stressed out on his way to an important meeting, and the other one is smirking at him like, "OH ARE YOU ON YOUR WAY TO YOUR BIG FANCY MEETING? WORKIN' MAN'S A CHUMP!"
drawing of two cats
.  you go to your meeting, i'ma get this mouse!  .
.  yolo!  .
 This was the closest I came to including something tornado-related into my doodles:

drawing of cat as news anchor

I drew 3-4 cats - all of them basically the same since I have very little experience even looking at cats at all, let alone drawing different breeds of them.  So I set down my colored pencils and walked around the room to scope out what others were up to....

cat drawing

cat drawing, marker, black, orange

But by then I was kind of catted out. So while the Draw By Night parties usually last for two hours, I ended up leaving after an hour. Not a disappointing night, by any stretch, but it definitely left me wishing that it wouldn't be another 2 months before the next DBN so I can redeem myself ;) I believe the next one will be a Halloween-themed evening, so I definitely look forward to that!

Did you see Sharknado? Was it as awful as everyone says it is?

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  1. I like your cat with a tie - he's super cute. Hah! I'm not a cat person either, but mostly because they make me sneeze. ;) ...and I can't WAIT to see what you (and everyone else) comes up with for Halloween!


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