Friday, November 22, 2013

Black & Silver Chevron Nails

Holy crap this week flew by! I swear we JUST finished our jam-packed weekend with Dave's parents, like, yesterday. How is it Friday already?! Not that I'm complaining - just startled that it's already nail day! Hey-ooooo! #ThrowYaNailsInTheSkyLadies.

This week I was again stumped as to what to paint on zee old gals (that's apparently what I'm calling my fingernails today), so like last week I popped over to my Pinterest nail polish board to see what was up.  Well... I didn't find what was up exactly, but I did see enough chevrons in my board to remind me there were some yet-to-be-used chevron nail stickers in my stash of nail supplies. #Duh.

Black and silver chevron nails

I ordered 3 sets of chevron nail decals from Inspired Nails back in September after I saw my homegirl Jennie raving about them in a blog. The decals came with chevron, anchor and star stickers. (They were $4.50/set at the time, but they're $4.99 each now.)

The nail design you see above is not the original look I was going for. The strip of bare nail in the center was an accident... but just read on.

My plan was to have 3 different colors on each nail - silver sparkle at the cuticle, silver in the middle, and black at the tip. So I grabbed these polishes - Stiletto by Revlon, Beware by Pure Ice and a Silver Grey by Love & Beauty:

Stiletto by Revlon, Beware by Pure Ice and a Silver Grey by Love & Beauty

Before painting my nails I also prepped by grabbing a pair of scissors (for snipping my chevron stickers to the right length) and a pair of tweezers (to help me peel the sticker off the nails without messing up the polish).

Nail decals, tweezers, scissors, aka Bailey

First I painted all of my nails one coat of the silvery grey color and waited what seemed like a solid amount of time for it to dry. Thinking they were dry, I placed a chevron nail decal across the "French tip" area on my pinky, ring and pointer fingers. I place the decal about halfway down my thumbnail and left my middle finger blank. Then I painted below each chevron with silvery glitter polish and above each chevron with black polish. Using my tweezers, I then started peeling the chevron off of my pinky nail, hoping to reveal a still-grey strip beneath it.... No such luck!! The grey polish came right up with the sticker!

Black and silver chevron nails, silver glitter

Mreh. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but........... let's go with it, hmm?

Black and silver chevron nails, aka Bailey, nail polish

So I'm definitely going to try this again, except I'll wait way longer before placing the sticker next time. In the meantime - just think of the nude strip in the middle like Britney Spears' mid-drift, circa 2001.

Chevron stripes, black and silver, aka Bailey, nail polish

Also... don't the black tips kind of look like little mustaches if you look at them quickly?

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  1. I swear in my bloglovin reader it looked SO much like mustaches! Funny you say that too! A trick I've learned when using any kind of tape is to "de-stick" them a little bit. Put them on the back of your hand and peel off a few times to get the natural oils from your skin on the tape so they're not QUITE as sticky. They still create clean lines without tearing up the polish beneath. I actually really kind of like the bare nail in the middle!

  2. This is a great design. I have many chevron patterns in Pinterest nail board too. I should probably find some chevron stickers to make it a little easier. :)

    Stopping by from the Nail Files Link Up

    1. I could really not have done this very well without the decals - so glad I bought these! Check out!

  3. You know what? Despite the mishap, it still looks pretty cool! I never would have thought it was an accident at all! Very cool!

  4. "just think of the nude strip in the middle like Britney Spears' mid-drift, circa 2001."

    This made me laugh, thank you! My one chevron attempt taught me that I'm not good at waiting for polish to dry, so I had to keep it really simple:-)

    1. Hehe, glad I could make you giggle :) I shake my fist at drying time!!

  5. Very cool! I've been wanting to do chevron but have no patience

    1. I might have had the patience, but definitely not the skill haha! That's where these handy nail decals came in. They were really affordable so they're definitely a fun thing to add to my stash of nail goodies :)

  6. This seems like one little step away from being cute mustaches!

    7% Solution

  7. DISASTER!!! Oh wait, it still looks super cool. CRISIS AVERTED! Haha!

    What a pain that the polish peeled off! BOO! I haven't tried Joey's technique of de-sticky-ing strips before using them but it sure sounds like a good idea. I'm wary of the same thing happening, so I do a coat of quick-dry top coat over the base before applying, although, sometimes I don't wait long enough for it to dry either and the polish still peels. #impatience Haha!

    Hopefully your second try will work out better! Or, not better because it still looks awesome, but better in the sense that the stupid polish will stay put. ;)


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