Friday, November 15, 2013

Pinterest-Inspired Silvery Nails

I've been feeling sort of uninspired nail-wise these past few weeks. I blame it on being overworked in general - all of my mental energy is spent on all of my 7-5pm duties and there's little leftover for creative juice afterwards. So this week I turned to my Pinterest Nail Polish board to see what sorts of things would inspire me there. Luckily a "winner" popped out at me and even got me excited to break out all sorts of tools and instruments to complete the mani.

Essie's Lapis of Luxury with Polka Dots and silver glitter
The original Pin used a Tiffany-blue polish instead of a dusty blue one, but I was simply not in the mood for a Tiffany color on my hands right now. It would be far too cheerful for me and my GOODNESS I just realized what a blob I sound like right now. SORRY Y'ALL. *Slaps self across the face* I'MA SNAP OUT OF IT NOW.

Essie's Lapis of Luxury with Polka Dots and silver glitter nail polish
.  if you're happy and you know it, slap your face!  .
.  slap slap!  .

So I opted for Lapis of Luxury as the main color for this mani instead, which is a beautiful periwinkle from Essie's Resort Collection. By the way, I just realized that my bottle of polish is misnamed - the sticker on mine says "Lapiz" instead of "Lapis"... interesting. What does your bottle say?

Anycrap, other polishes I used included Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Love & Beauty Crystal Silver, and Pure Ice Beware.

I also used my Quo dotting tool and one Essence French Manicure Tip Guide sticker. The original Pin used a nail stamp as well, but I don't have a functioning stamp kit, so I opted to do polka dots on my pinky nails instead. I trust you won't hold it against me?

Blue polish with silver glitter, white polish with polka dots

I started with a base coat on all of my nails, then did two coats of Snow Me White on my pinky and pointer nails, and two coats of Lapiz/s of Luxury on my thumb, middle and ring nails.

Next, I used the larger end of my dotting tool to make some silver dots around my pointer nail. In lieu of a stamp kit, I did Lapis of Luxury dots on my pinky nail with the smaller end of the dotting tool.

{Sidebar, did you see my blog about How to Make Perfect Polka Dots on Your Nails? READ IT.}

Thennn, I put a thin coat of Beware over my middle finger, which wasn't symbolic, I swear. Next I placed one of the tip guide stickers on the back of my hand and peeled it off a few times just to try to remove some of its stickiness. I'd used these nail strips once before without doing this step, and the stickers ended up leaving a sticky residue all over my nails. So definitely do the un-sticking process before you use these tip guides!

After it was sufficiently less sticky, I placed the sticker carefully on my thumb nail until it was sitting where I wanted it - demarcating the French tip area - and painted the nail above it with 2 coats of Beware. I peeled the sticker guide off pretty immediately, before the polish could dry.

Blue Essie polish with silver glitter, white polish with polka dots

The final step is to pull out large hex glitter pieces from Crystal Silver and place them on my ring finger until the entire nail was covered. I did this by fishing out the hexes with the small end of my dotting tool. This step is the most time consuming, and if I'm being honest, I didn't even bother to do this step on my right hand. I didn't take progress pictures while I was doing this part either, but I have taken pictures of doing this in the past, which you can see here in this Winter Bling Nails blog.

Blue nail polish with silver glitter, white polish with polka dots
Also, the pointer finger nail with the silver polka dots just refused to photograph well. There was always a bright glare!

Blue nail polish with silver glitter, white polish with polka dots
What do you think of this interpretation of the original pin
And are you following me on Pinterest? If not, what's your problem? Hmm?

Essie, Resort Collection Lapis of Luxury

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  1. hey Bailey! I used caviar beads from the store icing..the sister store of the jewelry store claires..?? they were actually marked down- and I love them, I feel like going back and stocking up on them!!

  2. I love that color combo, so refreshing! 7-5 pm is a long day!

    1. I am really happy with this combo too - I keep looking down at my nails and smiling :) And yes, it's a very long day - and those are my short days!! *BrainMeltdown*

  3. This is SO great! I actually like your take on it better than the original pin. I'm not over the moon for tiffany blue (I know, I know--what kind of woman am I)? I love the dusty blue you chose and the combo of all the different glitters. And also? You definitely rock on the polka dots.

  4. I love that color combo. Purple and silver are one of my favorite combinations.

  5. This manicure looks awesome, and I love how your polka dots are always so perfect! Great color combination too. :)


  6. So remember when you were all: How could I possible enter the China Glaze Holiday Comp, blah, blah, blah….


    This is freaking gorgeous, Bailey!!!!!!! Like, for reals. I keep scrolling up to look at them again! Haha! I'm so copying the crap out of this. ;)

  7. Adorable mani!! And I'm seeing a lot of Tiffany blues lately, so we'll just say you're being unique and different. ;) Looks fabulous!

    1. It turns out that I don't even own a Tiffany blue, so I couldn't have done it with that color even if I'd wanted to! :)

  8. These are too cute! Love that shade of blue with the different patterns on each nail :) And hello to another vancouverite blogger! :D


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