Monday, November 11, 2013

What's In My DailyLook Bag + My Birthday Surprise

It dawned on me last week that I have hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise in my shopping bag that I've not pulled the trigger on buying. Probably because in my world, when one has "hundreds of dollars" just lying around, it should be put towards a plane ticket to Massachusetts, and not on cotton-based fancies. Le sigh.

Anyway, it made me a bit sad to think that these goodies would never seen the light of my closet day, so I thought I'd feature them here as a mini wish list. Here are the "I wants" that are currently just chilling in my DailyLook shopping bag:

Desert Morning Cardigan,

This Desert Morning Cardigan is actually sold out now on the site, which is a real shame because I reeeeally, really like this sweater. And at $39.99, it's probably one of the most affordable things on their site! I love the hi-lo hem, the fringe, and the close-fit sleeves. I've also been a litttttle head over heels for mint for the last few years, so this plays into that obsession nicely.

One Teaspoon Awesome Denim Baggies, jeans,

These One Teaspoon Awesome Denim Baggies need to be on my legs. I really like rocking a pair of baggier jeans every once in awhile, and these ones look perfect. The outfit on that model on the left is also amazing, even though I would never have anywhere to actually wear that outfit in real life. Am I right? I mean, that outfit is part "beach day," part "I'm just heading to the grocery store," and part "there may be a motorcycle ride and a nightclub in my future." Anyway, it's no mystery why I haven't purchased these jeans yet - they cost $150. That price definitely has more digits than I'd ever pay for jeans, myself.  Especially for a pair with all those holes in them... as my dad would say. #DADS.

Mixed Knit Hoodie, white and grey hoodie, sweatshirt, hood,

OK, ignore the weird bunny-beanie hat thing that this model is wearing, and just focus on her cozy looking Mixed Knit Hoodie.  Hoodies are my homeboys - I freaking love them. Most of the ones I own are big and baggy, not cute and fitted, so a more stylish design like this one would be a welcome addition to my closet. Plus I've always loved the clean and classic color combination of white and grey.

BB Dakota Joyce Ombre Coat, jacket, black and grey, wool blend,

ERmergerd, guys, this coat.  This COAT! Look at how warm and snug she looks in that freaking thing! Look at that collar!! And THE OMBRE. I mean, no longer will you have to lament over the question, "Do I wear my grey jacket or my black jacket tonight?" Best of both worlds, y'all!!! And it's got a hood, to boot! This BB Dakota Joyce Ombre Coat would run me $129.99, which isn't too bad for a stunning wool blend jacket. My only hesitation is that buying a jacket online without being able to try it on first is pretty risky, especiallllllly when DailyLook shipping costs are so high when shipping to Canada. I don't want to tack an additional $20-$30 onto my cost if I end up having to send it back for any reason. And so it stays in my cart mocking me. Please let me know in the comments if you've seen anything similar to this in an actual store, because I will go hunt it down!

Lastly, here's a pair of boots I've been pondering for the last couple of weeks. Remember how I put "buy new boots" on my Fall To-Do List? These $85 Dirty Laundry Raeven Boots mayyyy be sort of (sorrrrt of) like the kind of boot I've been looking for.  I need boots that are both rain- and fashion-friendly, and obviously these faux-leather boots are not rain-friendly... yet. But you can spray boots with water-resistant coating or something, right? I guess I've never owned a pair of boots I needed to do that to, but I hear it's a thing that adults do when they don't want their fancy boots to get destroyed. Again, please feel free to weigh-in via the comments and teach me a thing or two about water-proofing fancy boots. Yes, I know I could Google it myself. But it always sounds so much better coming directly from you guys. Humor me.

Are you a member of It's an "outfit of the day" website where you can also purchase the items that the models are wearing each day. It's also just a great way to get outfit ideas and inspiration, even if you're not buying anything. If you want to sign up for free via my sign up link, then I'll get LookPoints if ever you buy anything. And with enough LookPoints, they start giving you cash to spend on the site. So basically.... #AlmsForThePoor. Sign up for IFYOUWANNA!

Anddddd, one last thing - because this one is too good to keep to myself...  My birthday was on Friday, and David did good, guys. He'd been nearly bursting at the seams all week long, telling me he had a surprise for me and asking if he could spill the beans yet. I told him he had to contain himself until my actual birthday, which he managed to do...


Obviously, this is a huge present for me. HUGE. I told Dave that I hadn't held JTim tickets in my hand in a decade. And then I gave him a ton of kisses even though he had just walked in the door from the gym and was a sweaty mess. That's how happy I was.

So, if you noticed on the tickets, the concert isn't until January. Oy! The anticipation! But seriously, it's awesome to have something like this to look forward to... I'm filled with emotion just thinking about it. Good god, I sound like my teenage self again. Fingers crossed he performs at least one verse from an 'NSync song at his show... Eek!!!!

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  1. Love that green print cardigan

    Celebrity fashion dictionary of who made it and where to get it

  2. So so soooo pumped for you. Dave did REAL good. :)

  3. I just emailed my sister about getting JT tickets... fingers crossed she'll come with me! Also, I LOVE those jeans!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  4. hoodies are also my favorite thing. BUt what is she wearing on her head? ha!

    1. Hey!! I specifically instructed you guys to ignore that weird thing on her head!!! ;)

  5. Your wishlist is perfect. I NEED some good boyfriend jeans but you're right... not for $150. And that coat is GORGE!! Yay for JT tickets!! That will be so fun!!

  6. Wait. I need a moment to process my jealousy.
    You are going to JT?!?!? Ahhh! You better do a post about the concert, complete with video, so we can all live vicariously through you! :)
    Isn’t That Charming.

  7. Your choices are fabulous! I'm drooling over those boots. They look so comfy and stylish.
    Again, I'm so happy for your JT tickets. The anticipation will be worth it. ;)


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