Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday 2013 LUSH Goodies!

If there's one thing that puts me into a good mood, it's walking by a Lush store. Am I right, ladies? These stores smell so yummy, and you can smell them a mile away. Not only the smell, but the stores themselves are so bright and cheerful that they make me want to eat them. Eat the store. Because they just look and smell that good. #EatinYaStore. #Done.

Lush stores look especially inviting during the holiday season, because they come out with all types of freaking adorable holiday products that they then use in their window displays. So when I saw that the stores around Vancouver had been putting out their Christmas-themed goodies, it was just inevitable that I'd go in and get a thing or two. Here's what I picked up from the 4th Ave Lush store last week:

This little guy is actually the popular year-round Lush bath bomb Butterball turned into a festive snowman for the holidays! His little orange nose is even a tiny bath bar.

Here's what Lush says about Snowman:
Our year round best-selling Bath Bomb, Butterball, has been transformed into a dashing Snowman with a festive red scarf and a delicate carrot nose- just for the holidays! We know luxuriously long soaks in hot baths are a favorite winter pastime, but they can leave skin feeling a little dry. Snowman’s generous helping of cocoa butter ensures skin stays soft and hydrated, regardless of how long you spend soaking. The comforting, blissful vanilla aroma lingers softly on the skin long after the bath.

The other item I purchased that day was actually the very first item that caught my eye when I walked into the store because it was part of their storefront window display- the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, which is apparently a reference to figgy pudding. So Euro.

I've never had figgy pudding, but damn is this bath bomb cute! It has the same scent as their Twilight bath bomb, which just happens to be my favorite Lush bath bomb!

Here's what Lush says about Luxury Lush Pud:
This year we have completely transformed the traditional LUSH Pud. The first thing you'll notice is the deep purple color of the base, studded with polka dots of color that float to the surface making pastel islands in the water. Then you'll inhale the magnificent aroma of lavender oil, sweet benzoin and comforting tonka absolute. You may recognize the scent from our best-selling year-round bomb Twilight. Sink in for a fluffy, frothy end-of-day soak, relax, release your worries and emerge for a restful slumber.
Sounds maaagical. I can't wait to try this one! Sounds like it'd be a great thing to try on a chilly evening right before bed, no?

Sometimes it takes me awhile to get through my bath bombs, so I'm not sure when I'll get around to actually using these products. But in the meantime, the Lush bag that's holding these bath bombs is right next to my desk and I've kept it there on purpose because the smell of them wafts up at me throughout the day and I LOVE IT.

Speaking of things smelling awesome, another holiday Lush product that I saw (but didn't buy) was their new Secret Santa bath bomb. Its shape is modeled after their first-ever Lush store in Poole, England and they've captured the quintessential "Lush store" smell and put it into this bath bomb! So cool. I might go back and get that one...

Check out all of Lush's seasonal Christmas stuff here - browse now before they're all gone!!

Do you have Lush stores near you? Do you love or hate the smell of these stores?

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  1. Isn't Lush awesome! I can't resist going in there when I'm at the mall :)


    1. Lush stores were very hard to come by when I lived back east, but since I've been living on the West Coast, I see them all the time! I love it!

  2. Agreed about lush. It is the big open bowls of product that get me, I just want to dive my hands into them!

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

    1. Yesss, everything looks SO fun and touchable haha. It's like a big playground in there ;)

  3. Those bathbombs are so cute! I love using them.

    1. I've got a collection of bath bombs, I've got to actually get around to using them all!! Who knew it would be so "difficult" to chill out and take a bath once in awhile?!

  4. SO CUTE. I've never used one before and never been to Lush but I've heard all sorts of good things from friends.
    I LOVE the smells from these stores though.

    1. Oh my goshhhhhh girl, you deserve a bath bomb. Immediately. "Twilight" is a great one to start out with - it smells lovely and won't leave behind any residue in your tub. You seriously will not regret trying one of these things - unless you end up regretting how addicted you get to them ;) Also, Lush stores in general are a fun place to spend 20 minutes. The employees are ALL super friendly and helpful too.

  5. These are so cute for the holidays!

  6. Lush has just moved in across the way at work so I'm totally screwed and will be broke by the end of December because I can smell them from my office. I just picked up the Snow Fairy massage bar which has a glitter heart hidden inside so that your skin will sparkle too! I just about died when I found that out!

  7. You are so creative! Love the unique bath bombs


  8. Ahhhhh LUSH! I take baths *only* to use Lush products. We have one in Seattle, but ya know they're based out of Canada (BC? Or east of you? I can't recall), so I'm sure you get goodies there that we don't get here. And you, lucky duck, could go work at their HQ. I'd pay a pretty penny to be on their QA team. :D

  9. I've never tried Lush because I'm waaay to cheap to splurge on bath products, at least for myself... but these would definitely make amazing gifts!

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