Monday, November 18, 2013

More Vancouver Fall Pics + Checking Items Off My Fall To-Do List

It's been an overcast couple of weeks here in Vancouver, which had me longing for those bright blue skies and colorful leaves that I was boasting about just a few weeks ago. That's why I was so excited to remember that this crop of photos existed - a set that I snapped in late October before the weather turned drearier.

I was parked on the UBC campus waiting for David one afternoon, 
when I hopped out of the car to take these:

Colorful foliage in Vancouver

Colorful foliage in Vancouver, UBC Campus

And then I ran across the street to take these: 

UBC Campus, Vancouver, Red Berries, Orange Detour Sign

UBC Campus, Vancouver, Red Berries, Orange Detour Sign

I thought the red berries looked cool against the white painted wall...

Red berries, white wall

We were out for a walk through our Kitsilano neighborhood when I couldn't resist stopping to capture this beautiful red tree against the clear blue sky:

Red foliage, blue sky, Vancouver

Walking along the Seaside Bike Path, I noticed the lovely foliage on the Yaletown side of False Creek:

Fall foliage, False Creek Yaletown, Vancouver

Coming home from the gym and these fiery leaves caught my eye...

Mountains north of Vancouver
Here's a clear shot of the mountains that were totally covered by fog in my last fall post:

And while I've got you here and we're all chit-chatting about fall, it seem like a fabulous time to give you a little update about how I'm doing on my Fall To-Do List!

Let's start off with the BEST news:

The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD
.  nailed it  .

Yes, I'm finally the proud owner of The Nightmare Before Christmas and I gotta tell ya - life is pretty great over on this side.

Pumpkin painted white, gourd painted white

You see those little gourds?? SOMEONE'S SPORTING A NEW PAINT JOB. Yup, I painted a pumpkin, so I can successfully cross that off my to-do list! I even found another random tiny gourd to paint, as a bonus.

The other item that I've been able to scratch off the list is going through my clothes to pull out some items to donate. There's probably a Round 2 in my future, but I have gone through all of my shirts and jeans and have pulled out a handful of things that really don't need to be in my closet anymore. The number of items that ended up in the "to go" pile was pretty disappointing though, in terms of what I'd expected to get rid of. That's why I say there'll probably be another round - but this was a good start!

So that's 3 of my 6 goals done. I still have to:

  • Buy new rain- and fashion-friendly boots
  • Go to an apple orchard/hayride
  • Attend a Halloween party <~ Possibly too late for this one? 

Did you make a fall to-do list this season? What's the best thing you've gotten done in the last month or so? And would you like to come over for a Nightmare Before Christmas viewing party? BYOP (popcorn, obvi)!!

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  1. These are such gorgeous photos! Nothing looks like that around here anymore....I'm surprised you still have such vibrant colors! Thanks for the little peek at beauty in your neck of the woods! :)

    1. Thank you Cathy! I wish i could say this is what things still looked like, but most of the trees have lost their leaves at this point. Amazing the difference that a few weeks can make!

  2. oh Bailey....these are such wonderful photos! I love the ones where you turned all but the red b/w. I have yet sorted out how that's done, though I've seen it a lot. All of your Vancouver scenescapes are lovely. Stopping in from MM.

  3. I was just in Vancouver last weekend. If you like stationery you may like the store "The Regional Assembly of Text." It is very cool. Those leaves with the city scape pic is stunning. Visiting via 'TellUsTuesday' link up from over at where I gush over all things paper.

  4. gorgeous pics! all the leaves have fallen in my yard. I'm ready for snow now!


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