Monday, March 24, 2014

30 Random Things About Me (Blog TAG)

I was tagged by Amy over at Eyeshadow Addict to do this 30 Random Things About Me tag. In the past, you may recall that I did the 50 Random Facts About Me tag, as well as the Thirteen Questions tag, both of which I hope taught you a thing or two (or thirteen or fifty) about moi.

But as a living, breathing, writer-slash-person, I can always come up with more ways to talk about myself. AND I'M 'BOUT TO, 'cause there are (clearly) about to be 30 more Bailey facts heading your way. Yes, yours.


1. I'm terrrrrible at finishing books. There are an untold number of 66%-read books under my belt.

2. I feel compelled to wash my hands after anytime I touch a dog or cat.

3. I'm convinced that walking heavy on my heels all my life has given me horrible calf strength and no butt muscles to speak of. This isn't a scientific assessment, just a strong feeling I have. I've been trying to increase my squats for the last month or so, because Beyoncé says they work.

4. I don't own a smartphone. I had to cancel the data plan on my Blackberry when I moved to Canada, and replaced the 'Berry with a Samsung Bright Side, which sucks completely. Don't buy one.

5. My older sister Mallory and I saw the movie The Witches (based on the book by Roald Dahl) in the theater when it came out in 1990 (when I was either 5 or 6), and can still vividly remember our parents having to take us out of the movie theater crying because we were TERRIFIED. It was during the scene wherein the witches all remove their human masks and reveal their hideous witch faces.  If you haven't seen The Witches, just take a look at this screenshot and tell me YOU COULD HAVE HANDLED IT at age 5!

6. Once while attempting to slice a granola bar in half for a customer, I sliced into my own hand with a serrated knife at a cafe I worked at. I still have the scar. The customer did not care.

7. David and I met while working at that very cafe. (Whattup Esselon?!)

8. My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight - my grandmother recently told me they always had been, even when I was a very little girl. You can catch me squintin' on a sunny or hazy day.

9. The only time I've ever dyed my hair was with a temporary box-color back in 2006, but it was too subtle a change for anyone to even notice the difference.

10. I truly do miss Dunkin Donuts coffee products and always make a point to get myself a coffee or Coffee Coolata as soon as I can whenever I'm back in Massachusetts. Mmm....

11. I got my first real job at age 13, simply because I wanted to work. It was at an indoor skating arena in Pittsfield called The Arena, and the owner was a friend of my mother's, which explains how I was able to get a job at such a young age (pretty sure you're not legally supposed to be able to work in Massachusetts until you are 14, but my 14th birthday was about 2 months after I started working there, so WHATEVA). I believe the minimum wage at that time was about $5.25/hr. #BigChips.

12. Every weekday morning for breakfast, I eat a banana, coffee, and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. On weekends, I prefer eggs/bacon.

13. My piercings are as follows:  A nose (ring) piercing (age 18), a belly button (bar) piercing (age 16), and pierced ears (age probably 5?). By the way, I've heard mutterings that belly piercings are supposed to be some sort of an embarrassment to women nowadays - like they're a stain to remind us of our rebellious youth - but I must have missed that memo. I'm not embarrassed by mine at all. Not yet anyway! Same goes for my nose ring - I've always loved it and have (thus far) never regretted getting it done.

14. I love camping out in tents. Even when I know that my night of sleep will be horrible, I just love sleeping outside in a tent. Especially if it's with David :)

15. I hiked to the summit of Mt. St. Helens in the spring of 2012. It was one of the most challenging things I've ever done in my life - physically and mentally. Unfortunately... there was no view at the summit because it was white-out conditions:

.  the summit!  I SWEAR!  .

16. Sometimes I go a year or more between haircuts of any kind. I just don't feel compelled to go and do it! My last haircut was in June (yes, of 2013), and scheduling an appointment for a cut had been on my to-do list for over a month before I finally made one this weekend. My appointment is on Thursday... wish me luck!

17. My first concert was the No Doubt Tragic Kingdom Tour in 1996. It was awesome.

18. I was in a high school production of the musical Titanic my senior year (2002). If you're not familiar with this play, you ought to be. It's not based on the movie.

19. Speaking of theater - I love live theater, but I don't go see it very often anymore.

20. This is going to sound a little wacky, but for a very long time I believed that boys must not have feelings. I struggled with boys (and girls... but mostly boys) being really mean to me throughout elementary and middle school, and when I tried to defend myself against them by being mean back, it just never seemed to have an impact on them. It really seemed to me that they must just not have feelings. This irrational idea became kind of engrained in me, to the point where even to this day sometimes I will say something insensitive to Dave or to a male friend (something I'd never say to a female friend), just because my blind assumption is that it won't hurt their feelings because they don't have feelings the same way I do. Can anyone else relate to this??

21. I've been working full time for the same company for a little over 6 years now.

22. I included a bundle of Boston channels in my Canadian cable package, so I still get to watch Boston news and weather :)

23. I am an avid apartment singer. I always have been and only minutely care what my neighbors think of that.

24. I just finished reading Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).

25. YouTube videos are mostly my entertainment of choice - I watch them more often than I watch television. Some of my current favorites are Miranda Sings, LeighAnnSays, Flula, Jenna Marbles, MissGlamorazzi, and cutepolish.

26. When I was younger, the trolls in Earnest Scared Stupid scared me so much that it impacted my sleeping.

27. Using my right index fingernail, I compulsively pick at the side of my right thumb... and kind of always have. There's usually a cut or broken skin of some sort in that spot. #Sexy.

28. At age 8, somehow the rubber backing of one of those super cheap plastic earrings became lodged inside my ear lobe. Just take a moment to think about that... the rubber back had basically grown into my ear. I had to have surgery to remove it, and I can still remember how frightened I was as they were about to put me under anesthesia. I have a vivid memory of my Dad being there with me (in hospital scrubs) as I fought back against them putting the anesthesia mask to my face. The good news is, as a bi-product of getting a minor surgery as an 8-year-old, I received an AWESOME "feel better" present from my aunt Dee - a big stuffed Max (the dog from The Little Mermaid!).

29. I severed my ACL playing soccer in 10th grade (2000) and had to have surgery to repair it. I'm still paranoid to this day that the repair isn't going to hold!

30. I have a somewhat irrational fear of slipping on things. You'll probably either crack up or want to smack me if you catch me trying to walk up an icy hill in the winter or cross the street on a rainy day.

Ok, now I'm exhausted. I hope you've made it this far - and that you've enjoyed learning a bit more about me!

Thanks Amy for tagging me - and now I tag all of YOU to participate in this tag as well. If you don't blog, share a random thing about yourself below in a comment :)

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  1. I'm not ashamed of my belly piercing--even now that it's just a hole. I had to (tragically!) remove it for my gall bladder operation back in December, and there's no getting a ring back in that sucker without having to get it re-pierced, which I'm strongly considering. My first CD was the tragic kingdom album (whoop whoop) and I also spend an outrageous amount of time watching youtube videos :)

  2. These are some of my favorite types of posts to read because I get to learn so much. Mt. St. Helens? That's awesome. I do the exact same thing with Dunkin Donuts. There aren't any where I live so whenever I go back to Florida I get like 2-3 coolattas That sounds terrible but it's really quite amazing. You are a very interesting girl and I'm happy you are a blog buddy!

    1. Coolatas are where it's at. I've loved them since I was a kid! Thanks for reading my 30 things Cheryl! :)

  3. there's a dunkin donuts on kingsway and 41st!! or is main and 41st...ugh i forget. but there's one...i think its on kingsway.

    1. Oooooh Jenn, if that's true then you just made my entire year... But I have a bad feeling you might be thinking of Duffin's Donuts on 41st and Knight haha. Please confirm.

    2. oh crap... you''re right. it is duffins.
      BUT I SWEAR THERE"S A DUNKINS...will google this.

    3. frick i was wrong. i thought maybe it would be in some food court or something but it looks like its only in montreal...guess you're gonna have to come eastward lol.

  4. Yes. Tragic Kingdom! Amazing album!

  5. This was fun to read! I love these tags - I may have to pinch it from you hehe.
    Ouch! I didn't know those rubber thingies could get stuck. That must've been pretty scary.
    And yes, I always wash my hands after touching dogs and cats. Even my own dog. Haha. It's just a cleanliness freak thing I think.
    I can't believe you reached the summit of a mountain. You're awesome. Sometimes I wish I were more outdoorsy.

    1. Yesss, I tag YOU to do this too!! :) I hate the feeling of "animal" on my skin - just makes me feel dirty!! And while Mt. St. Helens was the highest summit I've reached, I've actually summited a ton of mountains!! #ILoveHiking!

  6. Hey, Witches is scary as hell! I couldn't take it as a kid, either.
    Also, you and your man are ADORABLE. I love that summit photo!

    Here's random for you: For several years of my adolescence, I believed that all mirrors were two-way mirrors, and unknown people were watching me every time I looked in one. Freaky, yeah? I'm glad I grew out of that.


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