Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Few Good Things

Here are some random highlights and snapshots from my life from the past few weeks!

This picture was taken during a sunny seawall walk with Rose, just before it started raining for 3 weeks straight. We took lots of ridiculous pictures that afternoon - here's one of the fun ones of me getting my "jump freeze" on:

Picture taken along Vancouver's Seawall on a sunny day.

Continuing my streak of winning things, I won this Avon Mega Effects mascara through a giveaway from Nicole at MomTrends. Review of this product coming soon!

Mega Effects Mascara from Avon

We had 3 days straight of snow, which is slightly unusual for Vancouver. It's supposed to rain here in the winter, not snow! Even when it snows for 3 days straight, we still only had sparse accumulation, and there was still plenty of green everywhere:

Green bushes and green grass with white snow nearby!

I mentioned in this blog that I've been experimenting with a new breakfasty quinoa dish. This picture was snapped during my 2nd attempt at creating it... As soon as I perfect the recipe I will share it, but in the meantime, just know that this is quinoa being cooked in straight-up milk:

Cooking quinoa in milk
ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DONUT. This delicious Cookies 'n Cream donut came from Lucky's Doughnuts on 4th Ave in Vancouver. A perfect teatime treat to share with my love. Mmmmmmm.....

Lucky's Doughtnut box, Vancouver

Cookies 'n Cream donut from Lucky's Doughnuts in Vancouver

I've also started getting pretty into Instagram - are you following me there? DO IT. Leave a comment with your Instagram handle and I'll follow along!

What have you been getting into lately? Any new recipes being thought up in your kitchen? Have you gone out for a nice seaside jump session recently? WELL WHY DON'T YOU?? HMM??

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  1. wow, that donut looks amazing! I must try it!

  2. I love instagram WAY TOO MUCH! I stalk the #NOTD hashtag all the time because ALL THE PRETTY NAILS! Also? Gimme that donut. Please. And thank you :)

  3. zomg frickin huge donut!! how do you stay fit! so jealous haha. when i come back to vancity for a visit in april i hope to make many seaside jumps! it helps that the bf lives right in the west end and the sea wall is just a few blks away.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Hahah well naturally I stay fit by performing seaside jumps!! The West End must be such a great place to live!!


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