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Spring Maxi Dress Guide 2014

Last year I did a round up of spring time maxi dresses, and it's been one of my most popular blogs! An update seemed in order, especially given the abundance of MAG-freaking-NIFICENT dresses I've been seeing around zee web lately!

SIT BACK LADIES (and gent?) and let's get to browsing some of these diverse maxi dresses from Modcloth, Forever21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Victoria's Secret!


I love that this dress mixes neutrals and brights for you. 
And check out the cute crochet detail on the back!
Floral maxi dress with beige crochet details, from Modcloth

Crochet detail on floral maxi dress from Modcloth

This bohemian-esque dress has ALL THE STRIPES and a crazy cage-style back.
I really like the "sea glass" colors of this dress.

Striped and patterned maxi dress from Modcloth

Modcloth maxi dress with caged back

Classic navy and white combo. The white lace detail on the arm area is slimming, and the lace on the lower portion of the dress is so pretty! It even has a cute keyhole in the back.

Navy maxi dress with white lace details and chevrons, from Modcloth

Navy maxi dress with white lace details and keyhole, from Modcloth

This patchwork style dress brings out the country girl in me. The ruffly panel in the bodice area would also be pretty flattering for a small-chested lady such as myself!

Patchwork style white and blue bohemian maxi dress from Modcloth

Patchwork style white and blue bohemian maxi dress from Modcloth

Black and white is looking reeeeal good in this dress. 
I love that the chevrons vary in width towards the bottom.
Black and white chevron maxi dress from Modcloth

Black and white chevron maxi dress from Modcloth

This is one of my favorites because it's so simple, yet so pretty! 
And you all know that I'm a sucker for orchids.
Pink orchid colored maxi dress from Modcloth

Orchid maxi dress with sheer bottom and diagonal stripes pattern, from Modcloth


I love the colorful pattern of this dress, plus the slits that make it easier to walk in. Perfect for me because I like to walk REALLY FAST.

Colorful pattern Forever21 maxi dress

Colorful pattern Forever21 maxi dress with strappy back

UM this floral dress is gorgeous. And dat back doe.
White maxi dress with beautiful pink/red flower print, from Forever21

Very cool back on this white maxi dress with pink flowers, from Forever21


Just give me a beach, some sun, and a coconut to sip out of, and I'll be ready to rock this dress.
White maxi dress with tropical pattern, from H&M

White maxi dress with colorful tropical pattern, from H&M

This black hi-lo dress is so versatile - you could probably find a reason to wear it once a week from now till September.

Black hi-lo maxi dress from H&M with lace detail

Black hi-lo maxi dress from H&M with lace detail


This one seems effortless and sporty, with cutouts in just the right place! There are other color options available - including a navy/grey one that I also liked.

Sporty and effortless black and grey maxi dress from Urban Outfitters

Effortless black and grey maxi dress with cute side cutouts from Urban Outfitters


Heyooooo gypsy dress. This has a "beautiful rags" feel, doesn't it??

Bohemian mixed print maxi dress with a v-neck, from Victoria's Secret

Bohemian light blue mixed print maxi dress with a v-neck, from Victoria's Secret

This super pleated, flowy dress comes in lots of colors, but I love this Aqua Frost the best.
In the navy picture, you can see what the back looks like.

Aqua pleated maxi dress from Victoria's Secret

Navy pleated maxi dress from Victoria's Secret

I adoooooore this dress!! It reminds me of mint chocolate Dippin' Dots, which isn't weird at all. As a bonus, it's on sale right now.

Mint and beige short-sleeved maxi dress from Victoria's Secret

Hopefully this maxi dress round-up has been helpful or inspiring for you! I had a few other dresses picked out, but they are already sold out! Better snag 'em fast guys.

Did you have any favorites from above?
What are some of your favorite stores to find spring and summer dresses?
Don't you just love Dippin' Dots? Mmmmm....

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  1. I only have one and I got it from Old Navy. :)

  2. You've definitely rounded up some goodies! I like the very first one, and the Chiffon Trim Maxi dress! Very cute!

  3. I love the lace and gypsy ones...just wish they had sleeves! Ah well. :)

  4. I love the high lo one and the one from VS! I'm so short, so I prefer wearing hi lo so it looks like I have some legs!

    1. I'm not super tall myself, so I'm also a hi-lo fan! It's also fun to tie up the bottom of your long maxi dresses in a knot, to take the length up a bit and add some interest.

  5. idont know how i feel about maxi's. on one hand, long and flowly but on the other hand, i'm short so it might just make me look shorter? i think i'd like ones with a side slit though.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I think that if you were to look for a maxi dress in a "petite" section of a store, you'd find some that are just right for your size! With the growing popularity of maxi dresses over the last few years, clothing manufacturers are having to consider that women of every height want to rock these things!

  6. OMG I love the first & last one!! I.must.have.them!

  7. Wowza to that chiffon trim maxi! I need that now even though I'm sure it's too long for me.

    1. Seriously, that one is so cool! I'd probably need to get it shortened a bit (and then I could make something cool with the extra fabric!)

  8. That Modcloth one is super cute!


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