Sunday, March 9, 2014

Workouts of the Week + An Indulgent Weekend

Well I didn't exactly get into a Disney marathon this weekend, but I did get into plenty of other things! I mentioned on Friday morning that Dave was going to be away in Massachusetts till Monday night, so I've been entertaining myself like a champ.

On Friday night after work I walked downtown to get my brows done and do some shopping! Once again, I went to 4 Angels Beauty Care, where Navkiran (one of the co-owners of the spa) gave me a perfectly manicured set of brows.  I've also been so sore/achy lately, in addition to the weird spasmodic twitching that's been occurring in my forehead since Wednesday... I've just felt off.  So in an act of pure #TreatYoSelf I also had Navkiran give me a shoulder and neck massage while I was there. Didn't regret it, either. If you like deep-tissue shoulder massages, Navkiran is your homegirl. She also gave me lots of compliments on my eyelashes, which earned her extra bonus points.

So this was really spontaneous on my part, but as I left 4 Angels that night, it occurred to me that I absolutely hated the jeans I was wearing and needed to cease wearing them ASAP. Solution: Stop into Old Navy to take advantage of the massive store-wide sale they were having and finally pick up a pair of Rock Star jeans to change into immediately. Yup - bought a pair of jeans and then changed into them in the dressing room to wear them right out of the store. Have you ever done that? I don't think I had before, so you can imagine how serious my "I need to get out of these jeans" feeling must have been. Whatever - the Rock Stars were on sale for $25 and they fit like a dream.

Next I bopped across the street from Old Navy to enjoy a solo dinner at the Lennox Pub on Granville St. in Vancouver. This was my third time at Lennox Pub, and I'm a little obsessed with their Stuffed Avocado Halves. I ordered one as an appetizer and followed it up with their chicken pesto quesadilla. I ended my night with two THRILLING episodes of Breaking Bad and about 30 minutes of The Rescuers Down Under (Disney finally makes an appearance in my weekend) before falling asleep.

Saturday morning started with a lovely hour-long phone chat with my friend Jenna, a trip to the gym, and a quick lunch at Corduroy before I took a rainy bus ride downtown to do - yup - more shopping. This time I had a real purpose though - heading to Sephora to pick up an Origins charcoal mask and a 100-point VIB perk of an Urban Decay Naked lip gloss (which is AMAZING, by the way).

The real triumph of my Saturday had to be the spaghetti squash pizza crust that I made that night. If you follow me on Instagram then you practically got to follow along with me from start to finish. The recipe was featured on A Beautiful Mess last week and it sounded like such a great idea - who knew you could make pizza crust out of spaghetti squash??? So after following the directions to the letter (and making three separate trips to the market to finally get all of my necessary ingredients and materials), I successfully recreated the recipe and was enjoying my first spaghetti squash pizza crust by 9pm. Whoohoo!

My Sunday is shaping up to be a fairly useless one, thanks to the freaking Daylight Savings time jump that NO ONE EVEN WARNED ME ABOUT. What the heck guys?? No one could have given me a heads up?? Do you have ANY IDEA how confused I was this morning?? Ugh. Anyway, hopefully a trip to the gym is in my future, to make sure that today isn't a complete and total waste.

Speaking of the gym, here are the workouts I did this past week... only three... womp womp.

3/3 (upper body)
5 mins elliptical
   - 12 overhead tricep extensions each arm, holding 5 lbs
   - 1:00 plank
   - 30 alternating medicine ball flys with a 6 lb medicine ball
   - 1:00 plank
   - 12 deltoid flys, 5 lbs each hand
   - 1:00 plank
   - 12 deltoid raises, 5 lbs each hand
   - 1:00 plank
15 squats, holding 25 lbs

3/5 (lower body and core)
15 mins rowing machine
   - 15 squats, 25 lbs
   - 30 Russian get ups holding 5 lbs
   - 40 calf raises, 15 lbs each hand
   - 20 alternating weighted side bends, 15 lbs each hand
   - 40 side lunges + plyometric pushoff (each side)
   - 30 lying overhead raise + double crunch, holding 5 lbs
40 bridges
12 lat pulldowns, 30 lbs
12 lat pulldowns, 40 lbs
12 lat pulldowns, 50 lbs

3/8 (upper body)
10 mins elliptical
   - 15 overhead tricep extensions each arm, holding 5 lbs
   - 1:00 plank
   - 30 alternating medicine ball flys with a 6 lb medicine ball
   - 1:00 plank
   - 15 deltoid flys, 5 lbs each hand
   - 1:00 plank
   - 15 deltoid raises, 5 lbs each hand
   - 1:00 plank
15 squats, holding 25 lbs

This blog has certainly gotten long enough, so I'll end it here. Also, the sun looks like it's sorrrrt of shining outside, so I need to go soak some of that up before it disappears again! Have a great rest of your weekend errrr'body!

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