Monday, March 3, 2014

Recent Thrifting Scores

Ooooh hey, Monday. You came back. YOU ALWAYS DO.

Did you guys watch the Oscars last night? I had it on in the background as I was writing this very blog, so I saw a bit of the broadcast. Ellen is so funny - she really had me cracking up. That was a nice way to cap off the weekend.

I mentioned in a blog last week that a recent post-gym stop into the 4th Ave Salvation Army yielded some decent results for me. I wanted to share with you the three pieces that came home with me that day!

Grey American Eagle corduroys - $5.99

I've been looking for a pair of corduroy pants for a looooong time now, but it's been really hard for me to find a pair that isn't too baggy or too tight. These American Eagle cords looked too "THOSE COULD BE THE ONES" for me to pass up.

American Eagle straight leg stretch corduroy pants, light grey

I don't reeeeally like trying on clothes (such a hassle, #AMIRIGHT?), so I kind of just eye-balled these cords in the store and decided that they would fit me well enough. Salvation Army has a return policy anyway, so no real gamble on my part. The pants did end up fitting pretty well, although they are quite low-rise. Can't go belt-free in these bad boys.

Grey American Eagle Corduroys

These material of these pants leans on the thinner side, so I'm also looking forward to wearing them in the spring and summer, when I can roll them up a bit and wear them with sandals and flip flops.

Taupe Razzle Dazzle sweater - $7.99

I LOVE this sweater. I kind of have a thing for big buttons (there may even be an upcoming post totally dedicated to them actually), and this light brown cap-sleeve sweater has two of them front and center.

Razzle Dazzle taupe sweater, sleeveless, cap sleeves, big buttons

I love the cozy high collar...

Taupe sweater with high color and two big buttons

... and the two cute mini pockets in the front. 

Front pockets on a taupe sweater

I've worn this sweater a ton already - there are endless options for what kind of shirt you can wear beneath it, so you can dress it up or keep it casual.

Belvedere Vodka tree t-shirt - $3.99

I barely even drink alcohol, so I'm not tryna be a walking advertisement for vodka or anything, but I am a sucker for a nice tree graphic. The Belvedere logo was actually quite hidden on the shirt, so I didn't notice it on the sleeve till I was taking these pictures days later:

Grey Belvedere Vodka graphic tree t-shirt from Salvation Army

Close up of tree graphic on a Belvedere Vodka t-shirt

This tee is pretty big, so my plan is to rip the sleeves off Jersey-Shore style and turn it into a sleeveless workout shirt, since I like my workout shirts long enough to cover my bum.

All in all, this was another successful trip to the local thrift shop!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... the Salvation Army on 4th Ave in Vancouver is the bee's knees. The dog's tuxedo. The cat's meow. The bear's aviator glasses. (I made that last one up, but maybe it'll catch on?) Clothes, purses, books (including some great coffee table books), 90s music, furniture, shoes, tons of glassware and dish sets, clocks, knick-knacks, DVDs... and all well-organized and reasonably clean. Some Salvays or thrift shops can have sort of a dirty/unclean/stinky feel to them, but this particular one is quite a decently pleasant one to be in. I mean... I still wash my hands upon my return home from there. But I don't have to take a whole shower.

Do you have a great thrift shop near your home?

I'm not the only one who hates trying on clothes right?

I hope your Monday doesn't suck! Cheers :)

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  1. Oh man oh man I love thrifting! I don't have to do it often because all of my friends just give me all their clothes when they're tired of them--but I loooooooove it. I found a pair of SEVEN JEANS at the thrift store here that FREAKING FIT ME LIKE A GLOVE for $5. I kick myself every day for not buying them. Why didn't I buy them!!!???? hah. I love those cords!

  2. I haven't shopped at a brick and mortar store or gone thrifting in a long time. But that razzle dazzle sweater is amazing!

    1. I had taken a bit of an inadvertent break from thrift shopping, so it felt good to be "back" haha. I love that sweater too!! I've gotten so much use out of it already. :)

  3. Woot! Congrats on your finds! I need to go a-thrifting, for jeans and some new tops. Somehow, it's more of a fun hunt at the thrift store than just going to the mall. :)


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