Friday, March 28, 2014

Pastel Nails: Sky Blue & Yellow Polka Dots

Deja vuuuuuuu! Like last week, my nails today were inspired by a picture posted by Design Love Fest - this time of the Vivetta collection for A/W 2014.

Easter is in the air (and on the TV commercials, and on the store shelves, and in my mailbox on all those annoying drugstore flyers), and so are pastels! When I saw this beautiful pastel blue fabric with the cheerful pastel yellow polka dots, I knew it needed to be on my nails. The particularly savvy blog reader may have even noticed me pin this image onto my Nail Polish Pinterest board last week!

.  pic via vogue via designlovefest  .
I grabbed two pastel polishes for this look - a not-yet-used light blue polish with pearlescent glitter from Forever21 called Sky Blue, and the dreaded Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow polish I picked up last spring. For some #blurgh reason, Sky Blue photographs somewhat greener/yellower than it really is. In real life it is a soft blue color, I promise. In fact, even Mellow Yellow looks like a bright yellow in these photos... it's definitely a soft, pastel yellow. Dammit. I need better lighting.

The glitter in Sky Blue is sparse, but it looks pretty in the bottle. This bottle of polish reminds me of Cinderella.

Pastels are notoriously streaky on their first coat (and sometimes even their second, third, and fourth coats), so I did one thin-to-medium first coat of Sky Blue on all my nails and let it dry really well before applying a second coat.

Then I just dotted on the Mellow Yellow with my dotting tool. 

When dotting with a pastel nail polish color, I recommend using only about 1-2 drops of polish at a time on your scrap paper, and only trying to do one nail per "puddle." That means you'll need about 1-2 fresh drops of polish for each nail that you dot. You may even need two puddles per nail, if your nails are long enough! Pastels are just so goopy and dry quickly - and the last thing you want is tacky polish when trying to make perfect polka dots on your nails.

I got a haircut last night, as you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter. The cut itself is actually just totally straight - one length. It's not what I planned on doing originally, but it was based on the great consultation I had with my hair stylist, James, at the beginning of my appointment. Ultimately he cut off about 4"-5" and my hair a) is still pretty freaking long, and b) feels AMAZING. I'd gone so long without a haircut that it's crazy to remember how refreshing it really is!

Do you guys have anything good going on this weekend?
How long do you go between haircuts usually?
What are you rocking on your nails today?



  1. This is too freaking fabulous. Again, with your inspiration. I'm struggling with inspiration in ALL departments lately. Just kind of floatin' around like whaaaaat? Also--you hair is amazing and your eyes are gorgeous. Maybe I need to do a chocolate mani with ice blue polka dots. See what I did there? Got inspiration from your looks. Okay. Now I'm creepy. Goodbye.

  2. This is sooo cute! I always want to wear yellow polish, but it doesn't look good with my skin tone. I might have to try some accents like this. Great job!

  3. Awesome combo, Bailey! Perfect dots! And the blue polish is totally Cinderella-y! Your hair IS AMAZING! Great cut!! Also, the rest of your head is pretty. And by that, I mean your face. *re-reads last sentence* Right... so feel free to add me to the creepy list, under Joey. ;) Hahaha!

  4. First, followed you on twitter & instagram & blog lovin' like you asked :)
    Second, LOVE your nails. So spring! Super cute!
    Third, I usually go 6 months with a haircut. Unless I need it re-framed in the front or my bangs cut. But for a major haircut...usually at least 5 months.

    btw, you are so pretty! You have so much natural beauty :)

    This weekend is big brothers birthday so he's coming in town and i have a wedding to go to along with work and studying for school. What about you?


  5. Adorable nails!! Reminds me of little bird eggs! I have no idea how to use a dotting tool, so I'll be trying your tips, Bailey! I never tried Forever 21 polish, but I should since they have so many colours and they're so affordable too! And gorgeoussss hair!

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. Thank you! The Forever21 polishes - especially these days - are definitely worth playing around with. They're only $2.80-$3.80 I believe!

  6. What a sweet color combo. SO perfect for spring!

  7. Thanks for visiting me! I love these colors together and you just inspired me to throw some polka dots on these nails of mine :)

  8. The new do looks great! You have such a natural beauty - I'm so jealous of your blue eyes!

  9. Love, love, LOVE!
    My nails are totally blank because I'm a lazyface but I might go ahead and paint them tomorrow.

  10. Bailey! This is so cute! Love your Easter egg nails! <3

  11. Hey!

    Cute nails! I love the colors & polka dots too!

    Lillies & Silk


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