Monday, May 12, 2014

A Day in the Vancouver Sun: Farmers Market & Beach!

Yesterday was insanely gorgeous here in Vancouver. Sunshine, ever so slight breeze, warmth, people out and enjoying the weather - it felt like summer! And I definitely made the most of it!

As luck would have it, the Kitsilano Farmers Market kicked off yesterday. On such a gorgeous day, I had no excuse not to go for a walk to check it out. First I went back to Viva Fine Foods & Bakery for a breakfast sandwich (that place is becoming my new favorite spot for breakfast pastries!), which I took down to Kits Beach to eat beside the water.

Spring day on Kitsilano Beach, view of the mountains and downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park
Panoramic of English Bay in Vancouver
Kitsilano Beach

After nomming at the beach, I took a gorgeous stroll through Kitsilano on Larch St., which is an area that I've not walked in before. The neighborhoods, trees and gardens in this part of town were so freaking charming. It was probably the slowest walk of all time because I was in constant awe of the flowers and branches around me, and I even stopped in my tracks a few times to stare up at the sky or snap a random photo...

Mossy roots in Vancouver

Mossy roots in Vancouver

Bright pink flowers in Vancouver
Bright pink flowers against a bright green tree

Eventually I did make it to the farmers market, which is located at Larch & 10th in Vancouver. What a bumpin' market! There were vendors for everything from produce to plants to breads to pastries to seafood.

Strawberry plant at farmers market

Red, orange and yellow peppers

Leafy greens at farmers market

Flowers for sale

Fresh seafood available at Kitsilano Farmers Market in Vancouver

Breads and pastries vendor at farmers market
Homemade soaps at farmers market

Before long, I'd accumulated a few things from a couple local vendors - a small honey votive and jar of blueberry honey from Jane's Honey Bees, and a homemade Peppermint Spearmint soap from The Other Eden. Both of these ladies (and many other vendors at the Kitsilano Farmers Market) accept major cards right at their booths - super helpful for the not-prone-to-carrying-cash amongst us (such as myself).

Purchases from the Kitsilano Farmers Market

Later in the afternoon, the sunshine was still not quitting, so I continued to take complete advantage of it. Armed with a blanket, a good book, a cold water bottle and a banana, I headed down to Kitsilano Beach where I spread out on the lush green lawn.

Green lawn at Kits Beach in Vancouver

Green lawn at Kits Beach in Vancouver

Sitting out with a blanket and a book at Kits Beach

My book of choice this past week has been It's Easier Than You Think: The Buddhist Way to Happiness by Sylvia Boorstein. It's my favorite book, and one that is perfect for re-reading from time to time. I recommend that you read it because it's a quick read full of valuable Buddhist-inspired lessons, taught in a way that the layman can really understand.

Sylvia Boorstein It's Easier Than You Think

Green grass close up

After about 2 hours out on the Kits Beach lawn, I finally came back inside for some dinner. And obviously... I went back out again after dinner to get some gelato from my favorite Vietnamese sub shop - Paradiso Italian Gelato.

The evening wasn't complete till I watched Justin Timberlake's Master Class special on Oprah's OWN channel last night. In case you were wondering, I specifically changed around my cable package this weekend in order to include the OWN channel. (The JTim Force is strong with this one.)

Was the weather nice for you yesterday?
Have the farmers markets launched in your town yet?
Did you catch the Justin Timberlake special? I assume you did.

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. Love the tree roots with the moss! Thanks for stopping by SLS :)


    1. Thanks Lulu! I love taking pictures of the mossy trees around here :)

  2. I've always wanted to go to Vancouver! Your pictures are amazing!

  3. Wow that beach is awesome. A little bit of beach, mountains, AND city. Perfect.


    1. That actually sums up all of Vancouver perfectly - a little bit of beach, mountains AND city!

  4. Holy moly how beautiful is Vancover? I love the food pictures - everything looks SO authentic, the fresh fish, those cookies. Farmer's Markets are the best. I saw commericals for JT's master class but I missed it. What all did he talk about or "teach"? I assume since it's a "master glass" there is some kind of teaching going on?

  5. Great pictures! I need to visit Vancouver!

  6. My gosh! You take beautiful pictures! They are gorgeous!

  7. I haven't gone there yet this summer nor last year, definitely will visit this area sometime this year!

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