Thursday, May 1, 2014

Genius Playlist: Sock It 2 Me

This was a playlist too good to keep to myself, so HERE IT IS for your eyeballs and eardrums.

You know how I was hard at work on a collage this past weekend? WELL no collaging session is complete - or even enjoyable - without some awesome iTunes jams going while I'm working. This time I was feeling some Missy Elliott, so I created a Genius playlist based on "Sock It 2 Me" - some of her finest work, if you ask me.

iTunes Genius playlist based on Missy Elliott's Sock It 2 Me

1. Missy Elliott feat. Da Brat - Sock It 2 Me
2. Missy Elliott - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
3. Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire
4. Mya - It's All About Me
5. Timbaland & Magoo - Luv 2 Luv U
6. Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight
7. Janet Jackson - I Get Lonely
8. Brandy - Baby
9. Kelis - Caught Out There
10. Monica - The First Night
11. Mya - Best of Me
12. Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution
13. Mariah Carey feat. Bone Thugs - Breakdown
14. Dru Hill - In My Bed
15. TLC - Kick Your Game
16. Brandy feat. Ma$e - Top of the World
17. Janet Jackson - If
18. Groove Theory - Tell Me
19. Truth Hurts - Addictive
20. D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel)
21. Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew
22. Brandy - I Waanna Be Down
23. Fantasia - Free Yourself
24. Adina Howard - Freak Like Me
25. Janet Jackson feat. Q-Tip - Got 'Til It's Gone

Any favorites from the list?
Do any of these jams make you want to come do arts 'n crafts with me?
What's your favorite Missy Elliott song?
You can check out my other playlists heeeere #IFYEWWANNA!

Also - HEY-O! - my mom is coming to visit me today!! All the way from ye olde Massachusetts! She'll be running the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday... so please send some good vibes her way :) I can't wait to show her all over Vancouver. Having a visitor is always a good reason to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, right? Hopefully I don't tucker her out before she even starts her race!

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