Friday, May 9, 2014

Nails Inspired By Emma Stone's Met Gala Outfit

How freaking fun has it been to browse through the pictures of all the celebrities' outfits from the Met Gala?! I'll tell you: SO FUN. A few of my favorite looks were Rihanna, the Olsen twins, and Emma Stone.

Emma Stone's color-blocking, in particular, caught my eye - especially on the heels of the fabulously summery colors that I used in last week's mani. Something about Emma's outfit seemed to be in the same vein of mixing beautifully juicy summer colors, don't you think? If you're savvy, you may have even noticed me pin her outfit onto my Nail Polish board on Pinterest earlier this week.

Fuchsia nails with orchid accent
For this mani, I used a brand new Revlon polish, Fuchsia Fever, which I bought on Wednesday specifically for this look. For an accent nail, I used Love & Beauty's Orchid - a polish featured on my blog earlier this year in my Radiant Orchid series.

Fuchsia nails with orchid accent, based on Emma Stone's Met Gala outfit

Fuchsia nails with orchid accent, Emma Stone's Met Gala 2014 outfit
Fuchsia Fever really surprised me - I don't know why my expectations for it were sort of low. It was a beautiful formula - smooth, liquidy, buttery and quite opaque even after just one coat... but I went for a second coat anyway.

Fuchsia and orchid colorblock nails

Fuchsia and orchid colorblock nails, with Revlon and Love & Beauty

I'm kind of loving this color combination! Kudos to whoever put together Emma Stone's outfit for her. Her side braid was amazing as well. You know I'm a huge sucker for a good side braid.

Whatchu got on your nails today?
Have you picked up any new polishes lately?
What was your favorite outfit/look from the Met Gala?

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  1. It's probably bad that I never pay attention to those celebrity events--but I did see Emma's outfit (and I did notice you pin it ;))! I'm loving this combo. That love and beauty polish is so freaking gorgeous too!

  2. These colors are so pretty and girly! I love them so much. You did a great job

  3. Coming to you from SE link up. I love these colors. I also really like Essie and creating new looks. I think I am buying the purple one!

    Please stop by


  4. Emma's side braid was perfect... heck, she is just perfect all around. Love this combo of colours, Bailey! That bright pink is so pretty.

    xo, alison*elle

    1. She does seem pretty all-around awesome! And seriously, if you like the color of this polish you should get it because the formula is so good!

  5. I love this combo! It's so cheery! The fuchsia is freaking awesome! So rich looking! LOVE! And the lavender is a great feature. Do I see a bit of gold sheen in it as well?

  6. Your nails are really the perfect colors to be just like Emma's dress! I love it!! (Plus, so impressed at how you took inspiration for nails from her gown!)


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