Sunday, May 11, 2014

Workouts of the Week + Weekend Highlights (Pink Bath Water, FroYo, #Werk)

Last week was one of self-permitted demi-laziness as I prepped for my mom's arrival and then spent the second half of the week showing her around Vancouver... rather than pumping serious iron at the gym, as you know I generally do. This week has been back to the grind!

5/5 (core and cardio)
10 mins biking (2 miles)
40 weighted v-sit twists, holding 15 lbs
40 Russian get ups, holding 5 lbs
40 crunches on exercise ball, holding 15 lbs
10 mins elliptical
10 lat pulldowns, 30 lbs
10 lat pulldowns, 40 lbs
10 lat pulldowns, 50 lbs
10 lat pulldowns, 60 lbs

5/6 (lower body and core)
3:10 jumping jacks
20 deadlifts, 15 lbs each hand
1:00 plank
20 sumo squats holding 15 lbs
1:00 plank
20 (on each leg) single leg squats + front arm raise, 3 lbs each hand
40 calf raises, 15 lbs each hand
1:00 plank
40 alternating lunges, 15 lbs each hand
1:00 plank
40 diamond clamshells each leg
12 squats, holding 15 lbs
12 squats, holding 20 lbs
12 squats, holding 25 lbs
12 lat pulldowns, 30 lbs
12 lat pulldowns, 40 lbs
12 lat pulldowns, 50 lbs

5/8 (upper body and core)
3:10 jumping jacks
12 chest press on exercise ball, 12.5 lbs each hand
30 crunches on exercise ball, holding 12.5 lbs
12 deltoid flys, 8 lbs each hand
12 bent over rows each arm, 12.5 lbs
30 weighted v-sit twists holding 12.5 lbs
12 deltoid raises, 8 lbs each hand
30 Russian get ups, holding 8 lbs
12 close grip chest press on exercise ball, 12.5 lbs each hand
30 alternating weighted side bends, 12.5 lbs each hand
24 alternating shoulder raises on exercise ball, 8 lbs each hand
12 overhead press, 12.5 lbs each hand
30 cobras

5/10 (lower body and core)
5 mins elliptical
   - 40 calf raises, 15 lbs each hand
   - 30 Russian get ups, 8 lbs
   - 30 Brazilian crunches
   - 40 deadlifts, 15 lbs each hand
   - 30 lying overhead raise + double crunch, holding 8 lbs
   - 40 side lunges + plyometric push-off, each leg
40 bridges

The Tone It Up girls launched their 2014 Bikini Series a couple weeks ago, and with that comes all-new workouts from those sexxxxxay ladies! I'm particularly loving some of the new exercises featured in their updated Bikini Booty workout, which you should check out here, if you're tryna work on DAT ASS DOE this season. I know I am.

I had a dinner out with my friend Rose on Friday night in Vancouver's Gastown neighborhood. We tried out a new-to-us restaurant called 131 Water Kitchen & Bar, where I enjoyed my cherry-infused vodka drink but wasn't in love with my salmon salad. But we were there early enough to order some half-priced appetizers from their happy hour menu, and our tortilla chips and yam fries were both quite yummy. It was a great night to sit out on the patio and do some people-watching. 131 Water was certainly a nice place to get some post-work drinks on a Friday night, but you can probably do better in terms of good food in Gastown.

Yesterday was a day of multi-tasking, while getting all of the tasks done. It was awesome. My afternoon was spent doing laundry, washing a sink full of dishes, cleaning/reorganizing an overflowing-with-crap closet, buying and re-potting a new plant for our balcony, and disposing of a dying palm tree that had literally just been rotting inside its pot. 

By the end of the afternoon, all of my chores were done, my apartment was clean, my balcony was swept and spotless, and I'd even managed to get to the gym for a lower body workout. I rewarded myself with a relaxing bath using one of the Lush bath bombs that I purchased back in November from their holiday collection...

Lush Luxury Pud bath bomb in use
.  this is the end of the bath - it was a magical navy/purple swirly splendor earlier  .

And the rewards didn't stop there because after a dinner of spaghetti squash, steamed kale, and apple slices, I walked to Scoop and got myself some raspberry frozen yogurt with plenty of sweet toppings! There would be a picture of this masterpiece but... I devoured it too fast. 

Dandelions, beach, and ships in Vancouver's English Bay
.  this is a random picture of english bay in vancouver  .
.  i didn't think you'd mind  .
Other highlights from the weekend so far:
  • Big slow rain drops on my head as I walked through downtown Vancouver after dinner on Friday night. Charming at first, and then a good reason to hail a cab.
  • Finished watching The Rescuers Down Under (I started it probably 2 months ago and never finished it).
  • Rented 12 Years A Slave from RedBox. Cried several times while watching it.
  • Chocolate croissant with my breakfast Saturday morning from Viva Fine Foods & Bakery.
  • Finding a couple of shirts in my closet that I can get rid of/donate to Salvay.
  • Swapped out my winter-ish shoes and boots and replaced them in my closet with my warmer weather shoes and sandals.
  • Tiramisu donut from Lucky's Doughnuts... mmm.
  • Picking out an outfit for the wedding I'll be attending in Massachusetts in June! My outfit is nearly narrowed down, but the questions of footwear and accessories have yet to be addressed. Such a fun "problem" to try to resolve though, wouldn't you say? By the way, so far I'm completely shopping my own closet for that shit. 

So basically, WHO EVEN KNOWS what today holds for me?! What else is left to do?!

Oh, snap, that's right. It's Mother's Day. Gotta call Momma! You should, too.

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  1. Cute post! That bath bomb looks fun!


  2. so... i experienced the reason why you look for the women's only section at the gym somewhat resently. was all kinds of pungent when i went....i totally wanted to tweet you about it but then forgot until i saw this post and was like 'oh yea...i had something to tell you" haha.
    seriously...those doughnuts sound so good. i dont know how you do it! i have a major cookie addiction and i'm still trying to fight off those calories.

    1. Hahaha omg SO PUNGENT. WHAT are these boys eating before they head to the gym?! GYM SOCKS A LA MODE? Also, I am often ashamed of my sweet tooth problem - I've got a blatant sugar addiction haha. I guess I just factor that in when I head to the gym and make myself push really hard while I'm there. Of course when I really go on a sugar bender (which I did this weekend... oops), it starts to show in my belly. I just use it as a wake-up call!

  3. Holy ish girl. Damn look at those workouts. You always inspire me with your training. I love your details. What did you think about that "bath bomb"? I am looking for something to add to my baths after I have a hard workout. Something that will help my muscles. I want to watch 12 Years a Slave but I am scared... I can't take a lot of the brutality that was done to them back then. Even though the movie isn't real (as in the actors weren't actually hurting) it still pulls at me really bad. Also a "Tiramisu donut". Holy crap I have never heard of that, but it sounds delicious!

  4. The moment I saw that pink bathwater I was like LUSH BATH BOMB!!


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