Friday, May 16, 2014

Springy Sponged Nails

My nails this week are making me pretty happy! I just wanted to mix together some pretty spring colors and the best way to do it seemed to be to mash them all up on a makeup sponge and just get to dabbin'... so that's what I did:

Sponged mani with spring colors

ORLY Snowcone, Milani Tip Toe Pink, Sinful Colors Envy, Sinful Colors Snow Me White

First I painted all of my nails a single coat of Snow Me White to give my nails a white base to apply the other colors atop. Then using Orly Snowcone, Milani Tip Toe Pink, and Sinful Colors Envy, I just applied them onto my sponge beside each other:

Use a makeup sponge to sponge on your nail polish design.

Sponged pink, blue and green nails

I had to go back in and re-sponge each nail a couple of times, to make it more opaque. It took a little work, but in the end it was looking quite pretty if you ask me!

Sponged nail polish, green blue and pink

I'm trying to kind of hide it in some of these pics, but the pinky nail on my left hand broke and snapped off yesterday. #UGH. My nails had actually been getting kind of long (for me), and I was soooooo looking forward to being able to paint my "long" nails for this week's polish post. FIGURES that damn nail would break the day I go to paint them.

aka Bailey: sponge mani using spring colors

I couldn't resist acting like it hadn't happened and leaving the rest of my nails long for this mani anyway. The length was too good for me to resist - when you are working with such tiny little nails all the time, the idea of having a larger canvas to polish is an exciting one. After I took these pictures, all of my nails were clipped/filed down to the same length, don't worry.

David comes home today from a 2-week field trip to southeastern BC. I'm looking forward to seeing him and having my little buddy back. If anyone needs me tonight, I'm hoping to be cuddled up next to him on my couch watching a movie while we eat some purchased dinner.

What are you rocking on your nails today?
Anyone else making their nails look like a kindergarten craft project?
Leave me a movie recommendation to watch tonight!

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  1. Very pretty! I would have done the same thing and left the other nails the same length too! Sponging really needs length or you don't get the same effect...I literally have 5 bottles of polish in front of me and I don't know whether to go holo or gradient...hmmm! My husband leaves tomorrow for a work conference so I'm going to girl it up for the next week!

    1. Why choose between the two?! DARE YOU to use holo and gradient in the same look ;)

  2. That pink is really pretty. I bought a kit with 5 polishes & a sponge & I still haven't tried it. I don't know why I'm so chicken.

    1. I love this pink too - it's one of my very favorites in my collection! And don't be scurrrrrred to try out using your sponge - there's really no way for it to turn out looking bad! The clean-up around the nail is the hardest part, because sponging does tend to create kind of a mess all over your fingertips ;)

  3. BailEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEy!! What a gorgeous mani! It's like a Monet painting on your fingertips! Throw on a couple of water lilies and you could be in a museum! Or, your hands could be, anyway. #notasdecapitatingasitsounds Haha!

    Have you seen We're The Millers? That's the newest movie we've seen that we've loved. So funny!! Happy long weekend!! YAY FOR LONG WEEKENDS!

  4. Love them! How do you like Milani polishes? Ive been meaning to try some...

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  5. Oooh, it's like a pretty watercolor painting! I love it. :D

  6. Lovely! Love all the colors together - so pretty!

  7. This is seriously amazing, Bailey!! Great job!!!


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