Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Collage from Leftover Scraps

So not to make a really left-field reference to something that happened months ago, but.... anyone remember that "just because" collage I made back in January? No? That's ok, I won't hold a grudge. It's right here, if you'd like a quick refresher. G'wan then. Take a look - it's relevant to this blog post.

K, now that you've definitely gone and looked, here's why it's relevant:  Using the scraps of magazine cutouts that were leftover from that collage, I made another collage altogether. Heyooo! #Recycle.

DIY artwork, teal, white, pink collage

Here's a casual step-by-step via photos:

DIY collage step by step

And the mandatory close-ups of the details:

DIY artwork, teal, white, brick, pink, texture, roses, collage

DIY artwork, teal, white, brick, pink, texture, roses, collage

DIY artwork, teal, white, brick, pink, texture, roses, collage

Here are the two pieces together:

Two collages, white, wood, turquoise, pink

Two collages, white, wood, turquoise, pink

The cool thing about recycling scraps from one collage to make a new one is that you can create multiple pieces of art that have a similar feel, but each with its own unique look. It kind of reminds me of a fashion show - where everything that comes down the runway looks like it belongs together, even though each piece is different. Here's another example of a similar kind of project I made for my grandmother several years ago:

Teal, pink, grass, roses, DIY art, collages for my Gram

I hope to do more crafty things soon - whether it be painting or making more collages or drawing. I feel happy and purposeful when creating things, so it makes sense to make an effort to do it more often.

On that note, I'll have a recap soon of Craft Club #5, I promise!

So what artistic projects are YOU working on?
Do you have a favorite Pin board for color palettes? They make for great collage inspiration!

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  1. I do love it, it looks amazing. You definitely have an artist's eye!
    believe me, this collage turned out so great;) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Pretty! I like the color scheme on both!


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