Friday, March 13, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Nails: Matte Green & Layers of Gold

As a nod to my Irish heritage, I've got some green St. Patrick's Day nails today. But let's be honest - even if I weren't Irish, I'd be celebrating, right? That's how we do things in America. And on May 5th, we'll all be Mexican. #Freedom.

Here's how my nails are getting in on the holiday action:

Matte green nails with sparkling gold accent nails

The green is Balsam Fir by Revlon and the gold is a combo of Big Spender by Nina Ultra Pro and Crystal Gold from Forever21's Love & Beauty line.

Gold glitter accent nails with matte emerald green nails for St. Patrick's Day

I used two coats of Big Spender on my ring and thumb nails and topped that with 2 coats of Crystal Gold, which is a fairly sparse yellow-gold glitter in a clear base. It would have been way cooler if it was more jam-packed with glitter, but you can't win them all! Do you have a favorite gold glitter that's pretty opaque? Give me the deets!

St. Patrick's Day nails: Gold glitter accent nails with matte emerald green nails

I used 2 coats of Balsam Fir on all my other nails and finished those nails off with a matte top coat. I topped the gold nails with Seche Vite, to make them really shine and contrast with the green.

I'll be doing a bit of St. Patty's celebrating tomorrow with my friends at some Irish pubs around town. I can't stand the taste of beer, so no Guinness for me, but there may very well be some Bailey's Irish Cream in my future.

There's also a slight chance that I'll check out the (in)famous Southie St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday... though that may be biting off more than I can chew, since Southie is known for becoming pretty chaotic on parade day. We'll see!

What are you going to be up to this weekend?
Are you wearing any green on your nails to celebrate?


  1. Oh my gosh I am LOVING the suede/matte look here! Perfect mani, friend. Enjoy your st. patty's day! I love beer but haven't had a guiness in forever so it might be a little too heavy for me these days! Enjoy the Bailey's Irish Cream (I mean, you practically HAVE to, right?)

  2. Ooooo...have fun at the parade! Don't get carried off by drunken Irish wannabes, but DO have some fab fun, food, and laughs. ;)
    And I love that darker green with the gold, too. Gorgeous!

  3. Love that color combo, especially with the matte! Gorgeous!

  4. Oooo! Parade!! I love parades!

    Also, these nails are super pretty, Bailey. A nice, grow-up way to rock St. Patty's nails. The green looks really good with the matte top coat. In terns of opaque gold glitter, I like I'm Not Lion by China Glaze. Now, having written that, I'm not sure if it's a standard polish for them. My apologies if it was a limited edition, therefore making this recommendation null and void. Haha!


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