Monday, March 23, 2015

Peace Out, Wisdom Tooth #2!

WELP I just got my upper-right wisdom tooth removed this morning, and I feel like a NEW WOMAN.

Actually, the first dose of pain meds are just starting to wear off, so I'll likely be feeling like a sore, cranky woman very shortly. Either way, getting this sucker out is one more thing I can take off of my mind/plate for now, so thank god for that.

This was much less dramatic than my last wisdom tooth extraction, which involved lots of tooth-breaking and gymnastics on the part of the oral surgeon. This time, the tooth was able to be pulled out all in one bloody piece:

I'm one of those people who requires entirely too much local anesthetic before feeling properly numbed, and this time was no different. At first, it felt fine with the initial dosage, but when the doctor started really pulling the tooth out, I could definitely feel some uncomfortable, slightly-painful pressure. We stopped, and she gave me more anesthetic while explaining to me that she was twisting out my tooth "like a lightbulb." Hmm. Interesting visual, doc. Thanks! With just a couple minutes of twisting and without much more fanfare, the tooth came out. Done and done.

And yep, I took this one home with me, too. Why should the tooth fairy have all the tooth-collecting fun? Speaking of which, my mom told me to put the tooth under my pillow tonight... Note to self: #DONTFORGET.

I do encourage you to check out the "after" photo of Wisdom Tooth #1 - it didn't fare nearly as well as this one did. But in its defense, it was in a much trickier place in my mouth.

Anyway, after picking up all of my appropriate prescriptions, I made my way back home and have kind of just been chilling and eating cold and/or mushy things all afternoon and evening. To avoid nausea, it will be important to keep eating food steadily while I'm taking these meds... so cue the smoothies, ice cream, yogurt, and scrambled eggs. I'm sure it's what Beyoncé's diet looks like, too.

Currently I'm just slightly chipmunk-cheeked on my right side, but it may get worse in the next day or two. I'm not allowed to exercise - or SNEEZE - for a couple of days either, so... wish me luckkkk.
Sidebar, I was really, really pleased with my entire experience at this dental office - Great Hill Dental in Boston. The surgeon I saw, Dr. Carol Lorente, was unbelievably kind, patient, and warm. The woman assisting the procedure, Kim, was the same. I felt like I was in very good hands with them, and that peace of mind goes a long way with someone like me who is very anxious about the dentist.

Who else has some misbehaving wisdom teeth? If you have a funny story about yours, I'd love to hear it!



  1. OUCH x 100. I am one of those people who is absolutely terrified of dentists. Even routine cleanings give me the shakes. I've never had so much as a cavity, so the anxiety of what is most likely coming my way at some point in my life has been building.

  2. I waited until I was 25 and in such pain that I had to get mine removed, and we were losing our dental insurance at that time. When I went in the first time I am pretty sure my surgeons name read DeVil. No not really but he was a jerk. I went in and had a panic attack and he said either you let me do this or get out of my office. I walked out. Fast forward 3 days and I was scheduled with the other surgeon in the same office and I was on some meds to calm me down. I am pretty hilarious when I am medically high. Anyways, I went in, remember everything they talked about, had to have 3 of the 4 drilled out :-( and when they were done the asked if I had questions. I asked for a piece of paper and went to town. They started laughing and told me my mom had all the aftercare paperwork.
    I lived on broth and gatorade for 2 days and was so grumpy by day 3 that I ate real food. Plus this procedure was about 4 days before Christmas so I wanted the Christmas food.
    I am disappointed in myself for waiting so long though. My teeth shifted pretty bad in that time frame and I live with that now. I let fear win too long. But now I have an amazing dentist and have had a lot of work done and I am proud of myself.

  3. Good lord, that thing is HUGE! I got all 4 of mine removed at once because they were growing in slanted, and I never got a chance to see them. Now I am interested!
    I also am one who needs a lot of anesthetic. Apparently I woke up in the middle of mine, but thankfully I don't remember!
    I had a really good surgeon, too, and my chipmunk cheeks only lasted about a week if I remember correctly. I ate A LOT of vicodin- and percoset-laced mashed potatoes during recovery. I had major salt cravings!

    1. Right?! It's massive! And it's got a crazy hook on the end of one of the roots, like it thinks it's a damn pirate or something. I didn't have to be put under general anesthesia for this procedure, but it would have been nuts to wake up in the middle of getting out 4 wisdom teeth!!

  4. Congrats on of passage. I'm totally envious- I had all 4 wisdom teeth out at the same time (plus two teeth pulled down that were coming in too high) when I was 12 and I never had the option to keep them. I bet you get, like a full dollar for a wisdom tooth. Blast!
    I still refer to that operation as the best nap I ever had (yay pain meds and anesthesia!), although I recall coming to partway through and trying to join the conversation but being unable to move (there was no pain, but I was frustrated because I wanted to talk to my oral surgeon and couldn't seem to work my mouth...and then I was out again). And then drooling all over myself as my lips felt HUGE afterward, and my jaw was swollen and numb. Mom bought me a milkshake and I'm pretty sure I wore half of it.

  5. oh my!. It looks and sounds really scary... My wisdom teeth are still with me and I'm praying God they won't disturb me...

    1. I hope your teeth behave themselves Alexandra!

  6. So that is the culprit of your pains. No wonder it hurt so much. Good thing they were able to pull this one out without much fanfare. Your surgeon seemed to have gotten the hang of how to deal with your wisdom teeth. Though the lightbulb visual was quite interesting. Haha! Anyway, I hope you’re doing well, and was able to get back to your normal routine soon after. Have a good day!

    Byron Kennedy @ A Plus Family Dentistry

  7. Wisdom teeth are very frustrating to deal with, and can be a tad scary to get rid of because of the excruciating pain you might go through in the process. But it’s great to know that you’re done with all that now. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience with us, Bailey! Good day!

    Rudy Spencer @ LBDP


  8. That's a big wisdom tooth, Bailey! I can't imagine how your first one got out, but according to you there was a lot of tooth-breaking and gymnastics by your oral surgeon. It’s good to know that it was a bit easier and less stressful this time around. Thanks for sharing your story and posting a photo of the tooth. I can't help staring at it, as I can't imagine it being pulled out whole. Take care!

    Sylvester Mckenzie @

  9. Bet that's a weight off of your shoulders, or your gums!

  10. I had lost a tooth and was struggling to come to terms with using a denture when I discovered dental implants. Keeping my smile was important for me as a woman and for my business life, but after having a titanium root and teeth fitted allowed me to keep my confidence with a full smile.

    Milan Keeton @ Irvinetustin Dental Implants

  11. An extraction of a wisdom tooth requires heavy doses of anesthesia in order to avoid potentially excruciating pain. The dentist should apply multiple anesthetic injections in intervals if the patient feels the slightest sensation once the extraction begins. It's equally important to take painkillers for several days after a wisdom tooth is removed and the surrounding gums become extremely sensitive.

    Freddie Gray @ Ballantyne Dentistry

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