Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back to Da Beach, Boy!

Remember when I posted some pictures of a wintery Revere Beach back in February? Well those pictures were taken just before the Juno blizzard, and we've gotten feet upon feet of snow since then, so it seemed high tide time to head back out to the coast to see how the beach was looking these days.

The last time I was at the beach, the snow had freshly fallen and the entire beach was unsullied. Things weren't quite as pristine this time, since the waves of the many winter storms have battered the sand back over the last month or so...

Revere Beach in the winter

Revere Beach in March
A plane flew pretty low overhead as I walked along the water's edge...
Revere Beach under snow

The line from the tide was marked with a broken wall of sandy ice that stretched along the whole beach...

Icy and snowy Revere Beach
 And oh, look, there's me!

Me on Revere Beach in March 2015

 As I walked back to my car, I stopped at the seawall to peer through a snow bank back at the beach:

Peering at Revere Beach through a snowbank
Eventually I suppose I'll make it to Revere Beach when it's not covered in snow. And that day might be sooner than you'd think, since we've been hit with a "warm" week and the snow is finally starting to melt. And by "warm week" I mean that we're into the 40's now, so break out the flip flops, Massachusetts!!



  1. I love it, never seen a beach with snow. I am in Montana so I see a ton of snow, but never on a beach.

  2. Snow on the beach! My mind is spaghetti.
    Also, if I wasn't in the mood for a beach day before, I definitely am now!!!!!


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