Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Workouts of the Week

My week of fitness started last Sunday with the filming session that I did for my company's YouTube channel. The workouts we did were quick but challenging, and we filmed five of them in about 90 minutes, so by the end of it, I was pretty wiped out. The all-over soreness I felt the next day really surprised me, but it was welcome. Muscle soreness is motivational for me - it makes me feel confident that my muscles are changing.

Since I was so sore on Monday, I took it relatively easy at the gym that day with some hiking on the treadmill. Here's how the week looked in workouts:

3/2 (cardio)
45 mins hiking* on the treadmill

3/4 (upper body)
5 mins elliptical
3x: 13 chest press on exercise ball, 12.5 lbs each hand
3x: 13 bent over rows, 12.5 lbs each hand
3x: 13 close grip chest press on exercise ball, 12.5 lbs each hand
3x: 13 seated rows, 37.5 lbs
3x: 26 alternating chest flys, 5 lbs each hand
3x: 13 lat pulldowns, 37.5 lbs
10 push-ups (Note: my push-ups are NOT bad-ass status yet. I can currently only go about halfway down to the ground before pushing back up, but I'm going to work on it!)

3/5 (lower body)
5 mins elliptical
3x: 30 calf raises, 15 lbs each hand
3x: 15 leg lifts from side plank, each leg
3x: 15 static lunges each leg, holding 6 lb medicine ball overhead
3x: 40 bridges
3x: 15 sumo squats, holding 17.5 lbs

3/6 (core)
3x: 15 dynamic side planks each side
3x: 15 lying overhead raise + double crunch, holding 5 lbs
4x: 5 plank pike up on exercise ball
3x: 20 v-sit twists, holding 15 lbs
3x: 30 cobras

3/7 (cardio)
35 mins hiking on the treadmill

* When I go "hiking" on the treadmill, I adjust the intensity and/or incline every minute for the entire duration, making sure to go through the entire range of available inclines (0-15).

About 35 minutes into my "hike" last night, I was surprised by a trainer who came up to me to tell me they were closing. Until then I hadn't realized that everyone else in the entire gym had left! #Focus. So I had to cut my cardio session short, but I plan to go back today to do some arm work.

Sidebar - I added a new exercise into my core workout this week: the plank pike up. It's an exercise that I'd never attempted before last weekend (when I was filming those workout videos), but it ended up being a really awesome move that I couldn't wait to try on my own. It's challenging and effective, and I'm excited to get better at it!

Have you learned any new exercises lately? I'd love to hear about it!



  1. i agree. if my muscles aren't sore, i feel like i didn't work hard enough but the thing is you need to keep working harder as you improve and that's hard to do sometimes.

    haven't learned any new exercises but have just been working on my running game.

    1. I agree! That's actually one reason I find it so helpful to record my workouts - I can easily look back to see what I've done, so I can increase weight or reps to continue to push myself. This week I added an extra rep to my arm workouts - a small tweak, but one that will keep me moving forward :) I hope your running has been going well!! Good luckkkkkk #10KWHATWHAT

  2. So I've been really bad about working out the past week. But I will definitely go hard next week -- this week is too cray cray to "go hard" but I know I'll amp it up soon.

    1. Whooo, next week is going to rock! Plan it all out now!

  3. Dang, baller shot caller. Those workouts look intense! Way to go! I've been doing PIYO & TurboFire and they make me want to lay on the floor and cry when I finish, haha.

  4. Yeah guuurrrl Game of Thrones rules!


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