Saturday, December 8, 2012

Decorating the Apartment for Christmas

As I've mentioned, this is my first year of having a Big Girl Christmas away from my family. I'm making up for the bummer of ultra-expensive plane tickets by decking the halls in our Vancouver apartment (and on my fingernails!) and making it feel like a warm 'n cozy place to spend a holiday.

Here's a tour through our apartment, via the decorations:

christmas wreath
.  small (plastic) wreath on our door  .
christmas lights
.  the lights work!!  .
christmas nail polish
.  holiday inspired nail polishes in a dish next to my desk  .
tree trimming decorations, christmas
.  trimmings from our douglas fir tree in a jar w/ bow,
vanilla candle and christmas polishes  .
christmas decorations
.  noble fir trimmings in a jar w/ christmas bow and candy cane,
maple candle and our tree!  .
red christmas bows
.  little red bows in random places all over the apartment  . 
lemon cypress tree
.  a mini holiday-esque potted lemon cypress tree for david, who does not
support the christmas tradition of "buying a huge dead tree"  .  
christmas tree
.  tree is only about 5' tall, but it's the largest i've ever had in my own apartment!  .
christmas tree
.  white lights and candy canes  .
christmas tree

christmas tree

christmas nail polish
.  this is what became of my last holiday nails  .
Here's a look back at a few of our Christmas trees past, just for nostalgia's sake:

charlie brown christmas tree
.  brookline - christmas 2008  .
christmas tree
.  falmouth - christmas 2009  .
christmas hibiscus
.  falmouth - christmas 2010 - our christmas hibiscus  .
Despite the lack of snow and family/friends, the little holiday touches around our apartment are helping to make things feel "right". I hope you are having fun decking your halls as well!


  1. It's all so pretty! I love that yal got Dave a lemongrass tree. :)

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