Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Went Shopppppin: 4th Ave Salvation Army

Well it was inevitable - I went back to the Salvation Army store on 4th Ave recently and did not leave empty handed. That place is awesome, I wish everyone reading this could check it out too!

I saw this Banana Republic cardigan in a pale sage green - one of me fav colors. This one looked good as new (save for the few wrinkles you see here) and only cost $7.99.

banana republic sage green cardigan blue ribbon

I saw this next tshirt and my first thought was that my little sister Markie would really like it. My second thought was that IIIII would really like it tooooooo! Wah wahhhh. I decided to pick it up for Markie and kept perusing through the tees. Just a few feet down the rack, what do I stumble across but a second one! How incredibly fortunate! Sisters with matching teeeees, whoop whoop. Oddly I think that one of them was $2.99 and one of them was $3.99.

.  as an update, i gave this to markie as part of her christmas present and she diiiiid love it  .
I looooove how well-priced this Salvation Army is!! It's so refreshing, when everything else in this city seems to cost so very much.

This thought-provoking shirt is an American Apparel branded tee and it's pretty soft and cozy. I used to rock the tshirt and jeans look as my regular look for most of college... I think I might bring it back! This little guy was only $3.99:

The holiday season made me realize that I didn't have a single item of red clothing in my closet, so I snagged this red tee that just happened to be a Forever21 brand. #HOWCOINCIDENTAL. Only $2.99:

red forever21 tshirt

I really needed a new purse (this time I'm serious about the "need" - my other everyday purse was literally crumbling to pieces), and I knew that I'd be able to find a great purse at this Salvay. As I mentioned in my last blog about shopping at the 4th Ave Salvation Army, the purse selection there is freaking awesome. Seriously, go there if you need/want a purse. They're so affordable! I found this black one from the David Jones Collection - it's a perfect size with some ruching detail and silver hardware. It feels really soft too - just like new. Except it was $14.99 instead of however much a new one of these bad boys would cost me.

black david jones collection purse silver hardware

Today is Boxing Day in Canada, so I'm definitely going shopping right now at Forever21... See me in a bit! 

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