Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish


Last night I put on the ultimate pain-in-the-ass-to-remove nail polish combo of all time:  glitter ON glitter. Yup, I went there. I was trying to get my bling on!

I used 2 coats of Beware by Pure Ice - which, by the way, is my favorite silver glitter:

.  beware by pure ice  .
Topped with 1 coat of Dust by Urban Outfitters - which I wrote an entire blog about here.

.  dust by urban outfitters  .
If you ever wear glitter polishes, then right now you're all, "OMG girl, bet that ish was a bitch to take off!" Yes, glitter nail polish is notorious for taking 10x longer than other types of polish to remove entirely from your fingernails. You really have to work at it to scrub it all clean off.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon an awesome tip several months ago - an easier way (I won't say an "easy" way... it takes a few steps) to remove glittery polish from your nails.

What you need:
- ten strips (about 1"x4") of aluminum foil
- cotton squares
- nail polish remover
- approximately ten fingers, including fingernails
- bitchy, stubborn glittery nail polish all over said fingernails

What you do:

Take one cotton square and moisten it with nail polish remover. Wrap one finger tip with the cotton square, with the moistened part against your nail (duh):

Take one of your aluminum strips and wrap it around the cotton, securing it onto your finger by sealing the foil at the top and folding it over your fingertip. Repeat this for all "affected" nails:

Let your fingers chill in the foil for a few minutes - do something fun in the meantime like watch the Patriots game or poke your boyfriend with your new aluminum fingers.

After a few minutes, remove the foil and twist the cotton against your fingernail a bit as you remove it from your finger. You may have to do some clean-up around the edges of your nails to remove the glitter remnants there, but more or less your glitter should come off relatively easily:

Why does this work better than simply using a cotton square/polish remover to scrub the glitter off? The aluminum foil helps to keep the alcohol in the polish remover from drying up before it can really work its magic on the stubborn nail polish. Notice how much more quickly the nail polish remover will dry up when it's on a soaked cotton square that's exposed to the air. Science!

I encourage you all to liberally use your glitter polishes now, fright-free.


  1. Gotta love Google...just stumbled onto this by typing "how to remove Pure" and, BAM! Seems I'm not the only one having this problem! What a PITA, for sure! And I've only just discovered the stuff! It's pretty (I'm using the teal), yes, but it was impossible to remove! I even used an emery board, obviously, with little to no result. And ya know how sometimes you can apply polish over top of old polish, and it gets all gummy, then you can wipe the whole mess off? Yeah, no. That trick does NOT work with this stuff. It's taken me several coats of the new (frosty pink) polish to cover, and it still looks like I have big-toe fungus on both feet, but it's just gonna have to do. Till next time, if there ever is a next time! Thanks for posting!!


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