Friday, December 21, 2012

Quick and Easy Snowfall Nails

I'm still going strong on my habit of painting my nails then peeling it all off within a day and a half, so there are ample opportunities for me to try out different holiday-spirited nail polish looks.

Here is one that was really easy because it didn't require any fancy Bob Ross skills in the painting department - I'm calling this look Snowfall Nails:

dust nail polish, snowfall nail polish

I try to browse Pinterest in my spare time, because it is sew creatively stimulating and I can get lots of different ideas for nail polish looks, outfits, artwork, paintings and #WHATHAVEYEW. I saw a few different nail polish ideas that used white snowflakes on a dark blue background and I really liked the way it looked. 

I started out this look with something similar in mind - I was going to do a dark blue background and add some white dots for snow. I was also going to use my Dust nail polish to pluck out some of the larger hexagonal silver glitter chunks and use a toothpick to place them carefully onto my nail amongst the white dots, as "sparkly" snowflakes.


When I got out all of my polishes in a row - Blue Pearl by Ruby Kisses, Snow Me White by Sinful Colors and Dust by Urban Outfitters - I started thinking that it might look really nice to just use Dust, as is, over Blue Pearl. It seemed to me that it might still resemble falling snow... and would certainly be sparkly and pretty, at the very least. So that's what I decided to do instead! I may still try the white snowflake/sparkly snowflake look in the future.

blue pearl ruby kisses dust urban outfitters
.  blue pearl by ruby kisses, dust by urban outfitters  .
Start out with two coats of the dark blue polish:

dark blue nail polish

And top that shit with a coat of Dust!

dust urban outfitters over dark blue nail polish
.  a view in inside lighting  .
And here we have some Snowfall Nails!

dust nail polish over blue nail polish
.  "sha-zam," as they say  .
Fun Random Fact:  I am especially fond of Blue Pearl because it reminds me of my '88 Chevy Nova (RIP). In 2003 I was rear-ended while driving my beloved Nova through Park Square in Pittsfield. With the money I received from the person who hit me, I got my little lady a paint job with metallic blue paint - thus adding a fine metallic shimmer to her entire exterior and rendering her officially "blinged." This Blue Pearl polish has the same shimmery metallic sparkle to it, and so The Nove lives on!

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