Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Eve Pop Champagne Nails

Here's one more New Year's Eve nail polish idea for you before YBN (YA BIG NIGHT). For this you'll need a white nail polish, a chunky silver glitter nail polish and a golden glitter nail polish. Ideally you'll also have this blog bookmarked - where I show you how to take glitter nail polish off ya precious nails. Cause that shit's a bitch. I call this look Pop Champagne Nails, because as my blog's tagline indicates, I do what I want.

new year's eve nail polish
.  clink!  .
I just picked up both of these spicy little ladies from Forever21 the other day:
silver nail polish and gold nail polish
.  featuring ya girls Crystal Gold and Crystal Silver from Forever21's Love & Beauty line  .
Crystal Gold has a transparent base with small, round yellow-gold glitter. Crystal Silver has a transparent base as well, with small, round silver glitter and larger chunky hexagonal glitter.

To start, paint your nails two coats of your white polish:

white nail polish
.  basic bitches  .
Add a coat of your gold glitter:

white nail polish with gold glitter over it
.  frost yaself!  . 
On top of that, add a coat of your chunky silver glitter:

white nail polish with gold and silver glitter

 After that dries, add one more coat of the gold glitter:

white nail polish with gold and silver glitter

And there you go! 
new year's eve nail polish
.  pop champagne ain't a damn thing change  .
I bet this would also look pretty fresh and poppin' on top of black polish as well, if that's more your steez.

Sidebar, sorry that the pics are slightly out of focus. Apparently it's hard for a camera to figure out where to look when there's so much bling going on - it wouldn't focus on more than one nail at once!

Have fun tomorrow everyone, look fly!

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