Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve Gettin' Buckwild, Throwing Confetti Nails

Do you own a black nail polish? Do you own a glittery nail polish? Do you have plans for getting totally crizunk for New Year's Eve next week and want to lewk kewler than err'body else? OH GEWD. I have just the nail polish look for you!

confetti nail polish, Lollipop nail polish
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You can recreate this general kind of look with any of your glittery polishes that have a transparent or translucent base.

Start out with two coats of a jet-black nail polish. I used Black by Nina Ultra Pro, but it is becoming increasingly gloopy as of late, so I need to re-up and buy a new black polish. Probably the least exciting nail polish purchase I'll be making this decade. Stay tuned!

black nail polish

Side note here... Rocking two carefully applied coats of a black glossy polish actually looks much less gothic than I thought it would.

Once that dried, I went for my Lollipop nail polish from Urban Outfitters, which I wrote an entire blog about here. It's a multi-colored glittery polish with a very sheer lilac base, with both small and large chunks of glitter. I couldn't waaaaaait to see how it would look on top of an all-black base:

Lollipop nail polish over black nail polish
.  mmmmhmmm  .
Don't mind the busted pointer finger paint job. Just keepin' it real. I'll either patch it up with a dab of black paint and another coat of Lollipop... orrrr I will just peel off all of this paint from all of my nails in the next 5 - 7 hours. We'll see how it goes.

This look with Lollipop in particular reminds me of the confetti that gets thrown in the air at midnight on New Year's Eve, so I'm calling it Throwing Confetti. I really like the look of black with glitter on top of it, and can't wait to try it out with all of my other glitters too!

How does this make you feel inside? Do you have a favorite black nail polish? Is that a stupid question? Are you getting dressed up and buckwild for New Year's??

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