Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Things to Get Used to in Canada: The Mundane, Everyday Adventures of a Transplanted American

When most Americans think of Canada (that is, if they ever think of Canada) they think that aside from the seemingly uncontested universal health care and the Justin Biebers, this country is just an extension of America. America's Hat, if you will.

And while it does seem at first glance (or second or third glance, as David will insist) like Canada is just America with a .ca at the end of it instead of .com (my own blog comes up as, there are actually a lot of British influences here in British Columbia as well as French and what can only be described as... "Canadian"... I guess.

The following are some examples of what I'm working with up here - a slew of things that I've had to get used to...
They spell stuff like Brits:

They used that cursed metric system:

.  i have to order "400 grams" of sliced turkey now  .
They have French translations on most of their foods:

And sometimes the front of a package will be in English,
and the back of the package will be in French:

My Forever21 e-newsletters now come in English AND French:

Their temperature is given in Celsius - and who the crap can figure THAT out??

.  1 g.d. degree celsius  .
Damn do they love to throw maple leaves onto things:

Their currency is crazy looking...
.  the two top coins are their $2 (toonie) and $1 (loonie) coins... no bills for those  .
And yes, those are hockey players on their $5:

.  in hockey we trust  .
Plus, sup with all these Canadian flags??

And why the hell can't I find any Swiss Miss around here???

.   da fuck?  .


  1. Oh Bailey - the lack of ounces would be the death of me. So confusing!

  2. I feel your pain sister! ive lived in the UK over 3 years now and i still cant get used to the spellings, currency, and crazy accents!! Hope you are enjoying yourself in Canada! (I get mistaken for being a Canadian all the time, either that or australian) Life is an adventure...enjoy the ride :)


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