Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Few Good (Food) Things

While making dinner the other night, Dave cracked an egg into the pan and it was a double-yolk. Pretty cool. Then he cracked another egg into the pan and it, too, was a double-yolk. I thought that was photo-worthy...

2 eggs, double yolks
Then we almost yelped when this happened:

3 eggs, double yolks
.  WHAT DO WE WIN???  .

Grilled cheese sandwiches are WAY better with homemade pesto (left) and mashed avocado (right). Do it:

toast with pesto, toast with mashed avocado

Because I needed to hit a $5 minimum to make a purchase with my debit card a few days ago, I snagged this tea, which has ended up being soooo good - Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile:

Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea, Celestial Seasonings

What is tickling your fancy this week?

Tonight I'm taking a bus from Vancouver to Seattle, and tomorrow morning I'll fly out of SeaTac to head back to Massachusetts for a 3-week visit. I'm thrilled to see my family, plusss one of my best friends is getting married so there's going to be a massive friend reunion in my near future. I haven't been back east since February, so I can't wait to squeeze EVERYONE. Hopefully lots of family and friends pictures/stories to come!

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  1. Happy vacation!! So glad you're going home!

  2. You win the prize!! 3 double yolk eggs?! It's unheard of. Lucky people. You must be living right, haha!!:) I must try the mashed avocado on grilled cheese. Sounds so delish!!

  3. I would have FREAKED if I'd cracked 3 eggs in a row with double yolks! So awesome. Love your cute blog!

  4. How fun... never seen that before! BTW... those sandwiches look amazing!

  5. OMG the eggs!! That is so cool. I think that has happened to me mayyybe once. Ever. And here you are with three in one sitting! Amazing! I will have to try avocado on a grilled cheese- don't know why I haven't before, but avocado makes EVERYTHING better, so I can only imagine how delicious that is!

    Thanks for linking up with me Bailey :)


  6. That's so crazy!! I've never seen anything like that before! And I'm totally going to try adding avocado to my grilled cheese. Mmmm!!


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