Thursday, July 4, 2013

Patriotic Leopard Print Nails

Happy Independence Day!!!  Whoop whooooooop!

I wanted to do something non-traditional for my July 4th nails, so I played around with a few ideas before settling on leopard print in red, white and blue.

Leopard print nails

I used Ruby Ruby and Snow Me White by Sinful Colors, as well as a generic Navy polish from Forever21's Love & Beauty line. Ruby Ruby is seriously the perfect bright red polish and it applies perfectly. It does take about 3 coats for opacity though.

red white and blue nail polish

I was going to try to add white stripes to my "plain red" nails using a "French tips sticker set" that I just recently picked up from the Essence brand, butttttt unfortunately those stickers really sucked and left an ugly sticky residue on my nails when I peeled them up. Not a good look.

patriotic leopard print nails

red white and blue leopard print nails
What do you think of the red, white and blue leopard print nails? What are you rocking on your nails today?

Also, #freedom:

bald eagle in vancouver

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  1. Cute! The strips would have been cute too - too bad the strips sucked!

  2. Eeek!!! These are fab! I love them!!

  3. That looks fantastic! And, an eagle!

    1. There are a ton of bald eagles around Vancouver! I love keeping my eyes peeled for them :)

  4. This is so awesome! Love what you did here!!

  5. Super cute! I never do my nails....but I should. They're great!

  6. These are amazing!! This is why I leave the nail art to you:) I love how cute and different these are! I have that exact blue, love it!

  7. Ooo I like the twist on the classic red, white and blue :)

  8. Oh I am SO doing this next year :) LOVE it. It's so creative and unique!

  9. Nice nails.


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