Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thrifting Finds Lately

It's that tiiiiiiime again! When I get to share all the fabulous thrift store stoooof that I've been scooping up in the last few weeks. Hold onto your cheap-shit-lovin' hats!

As usual, the poison of choice was the Salvation Army store on 4th Ave in Vancouver. If you're curious as to how I really truly feel about this store, just see this post. And this one. And this one. And also this and this

Now that you've definitely clicked on all those links (right??) here are the latest "new to me" items that have made their way from Salvay into my home...

Two more picture frames for my "Empty Frames as Wall Art" wall:

picture frames, thrift store
You'll recall (that's an order) that I tackled a Pinterest project a few weeks back that involved turning miscellaneous empty frames into a bit of a wall decoration:

empty frames as wall art, pinterest
I've been looking for more frames to add to this wall, since I'd originally intended there to be 5 of them anyway. The two "new to me" frames above both have cool details that will hopefully still look cool under a few coats of white paint. The one on the left was $3.99 and the smaller one was only $0.99. Can't wait to paint 'em and hang 'em up! I'll share a pic of the updated wall, when it's done. And for the record I don't think I need anymore frames now. 

Moving on... I have BIG plans for these two shirts... 

blue and white button down shirts
Hint: The plan does NOT involve wearing them on my body. Stay tuned! These were each $5.99. 

blue and white thrift shop shirts
After spotting this cardigan on multiple separate trips to Salvay, I finally gave in and purchased it:

beige pink black and green cardigan

I think it's a unique and pretty print, and I love the pops of pink.

flower print cardigan

These next two items are semi-regrets, now that I've purchased them... but they were cheap enough that I'm not really losing any sleep over it.  Skirts. Two of them. And I don't even wear skirts.

This grey-blue high waisted skirt was only $3.99...
blue grey high waisted skirt
And it has some cute cinching on the sides...
side cinching on blue skirt

This sage green pleated skirt really caught my eye - it's very flowy and full due to a hidden additional layer of nylon. At $5.99 I probably should have remembered that I don't wear skirts very often before I bought it but... oh well.

green flowy skirt
These two skirts may come in handy some day... they may not. If they don't, they'll just end up back at a different Salvay 2 years from now. We shall see.

Did any of these items tickle your fancy? Can't wait to show you what I'm going to do with those two blue/white button-downs!


  1. You got some great stuff! I think the picture frame wall will end up being totally gorgeous!!

  2. great finds! I love a successful thrifting trip :)



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