Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pretty Way to Store Perfume + My Favorites!

how to display perfume

About 4 years ago when I moved from Boston to Cape Cod, I started forming all sorts of new capitalistic consumption habits. Mostly - I assume - due to my newfound boredom. (Moving to a summer beach town... into an actual beach vacation neighborhood... in the dead of winter... and working from home... all adds up to a mid-20's life crisis of not knowing how to make new friends!) One of the new habits I picked up was and its bevy of tantalizing perfumes and "free perfume samples" with most online purchases.

Before you could say, "Damn girl, you smell geeewwwwd!" I had accumulated several bottles of different yummy perfumes and literally dozens of small perfume samples. Soon the problem of how to store all of these perfumes arose.

Wanting to display my pretty perfume bottles on an equally pretty tray, but not wanting to spend a ton of money doing so, I scooted across the street to the Christmas Tree Shops (Note: boredom + close proximity to a Christmas Tree Shops = trouble).

I found this great mirror tray for probably only a few bucks, and it has been the display tray for my perfume bottles ever since:

octagon mirror tray

display tray for perfume
displaying perfume bottles on a glass mirror tray

Of course when shopping on a budget, there were also plenty of rollerball perfumes purchased, since those are usually less than half the price of their 1.0 oz bottle counterparts. I found a pink glass jar to hold all my rollerball perfumes:

store rollerball perfume in a jar

And what about all of those free samples? I keep those in a tiny little hatbox that I received from one of Sephora's many promotions:

storing samples of perfume

I've gotta get rid of these samples... there are so freaking many. Leave a comment with your favorite perfume and I'll see if I've got a sample of it to give you. You can just come visit me in Vancouver to pick it up :)

Now, just for fun, here are my favorite perfumes:
What are some of your favorites? How do you store yours?

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  1. Love the display Bailey! I love "Light Blue" and "Daisy". I really like Happy Heart too, but used it for 8 years and needed a changed. :)

    1. I have fond memories of "Light Blue" because one of my best friends/former roommates wore it. And I have a rollerball of Daisy in my pink jar! :)

  2. My current favorite perfume is one from Ed Hardy. I can't think of the name of it, right at bat. It's the one in the pink container.

  3. I love how the bottles reflect off of the mirrored tray. And I especially love the pink jar you're using for the samples.

    Okay, fave perfumes: for a looong time I was wearing Happy by Clinique. I should probably switch back to that bc I got compliments on it all the time. These days I switch back and forth between Amazing Grace by Philosophy and Lemon Verbena by L'Occitane. My younger daughter loooves the lemon verbena and whenever I wear it she buries her head in my neck and says, "Oh mommy, lemon verbeeeena!" So I will probably keep a bottle of that around for the rest of my life, lol ;)


  4. Haha!! I love that you just accept your obsession. ;)

    I'm not super big into perfume, but I like all of the scents from Kat von D. And, like you, I live on a budget so I have three of them in the rollerballs. I think what I like most about them are their travel friendliness and, if I need to, I can carry one in my purse without worrying about it.

  5. Cute :)
    My very favorite is Burberry Classic for women. Yum. It was even the only one of my dozens of perfumes I could wear while pregnant.
    I love most Chanel's but they are pretty heavy for every day. I like most Burberry. Also, I must admit to really liking Jessica Simposon's Fancy too. I like Valentino V for women too. HHmm, I might need to invest in another bottle of that!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm a big fan of Burberry Brit - it's very preppy. I've never smelled the Jessica Simpson fragrance before, but if she's as good at perfume as she is at shoes... I bet it smells fabulous!

  6. My favorite is Dot by Marc Jacobs. It is just a really pretty scent . I've got my own collection of samples but it isn't as big as yours. :(

    1. Marc Jacobs makes some delicious perfumes for sure! I have a rollerball of Daisy :)


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