Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Few Good Things

We got some passes to the Kitsilano Pool - an enormous public swimming pool right across the street from where we live. Fact: Your swimming pool's view has literally NOTHING on this view.
Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver
.  this pool is the size of one entire city block - it's awesome  .

I didn't get to watch any 4th of July fireworks live (we watched Seattle's display on TV), but I did get to watch some Canada Day fireworks right from our beach on July 1:
2013 Canada Day fireworks from Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver
.  fireworks set off from west vancouver  .

David bought himself a 4-season tent last week and we took it down to the lawn by the Kitsilano Beach for him to set it up. He likes to play with his toys. :)

4-season MEC tent

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  1. Love, Love your view of Vancouver dear. Keep em coming, they are phenomenal! I wish I could go there someday, but if not for real, I can see the sights beautifully here. Thank you akaBailey. I haven't forgotten about the mint tea nails I promised you. I have been off track but they are on the queue. Just for you!


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