Friday, August 30, 2013

Essence Effect Nails: 3D Nail Art

Whoooop it's Friday bidddddies! And that means it's nail day! It's also the start of a long weekend, which is exactly what I need right now. Did you know that it's also Labor Day weekend here in Canada? Except here it's "Labour" Day weekend. To me it actually seems more labor intensive to add a "u"... not at all in accordance with the holiday's spirit. But I digress!


Have you ever been into a bead store and been like..... "Damn I'd really love to have these beads all over my fingernails." Well you are a) eccentric and b) in luck! They make stuff like this now!

The Shoppers Drug Mart near my apartment sells a random assortment of essence products, which are all really cheap. Because they're so inexpensive, they make for fantastic impulse buys. I can try out products without having to invest a lot of money. If the products suck (like the French tips sticker set I mentioned in this blog), then I'm only out a couple bucks. Fortunately, in this particular case, the product I bought impulsively ended up being a deece purch! Hoozah.

Effect Nails are a new line of 3D nail art products from essence. They each come in a tiny little .29 oz pot and range in texture from pearls to flakes to glitter. I picked up a colorful pearls Effect Nails that is apparently called "Candy Buffet" - though that name is nowhere on the package itself. #NiceMarketing.

essence effect nails, candy buffet

Essence Effects Nails, 3D nail art, Candy Buffet

Close up of Essence Effects Nails, 3D nail art, Candy Buffet

These things are really easy to use, but a little bit messy. The pearls are really bouncy and roll around a lot. The instructions for these Effect Nails advise you to pour some of the pearls into the lid of the pot, and then roll your fingernail into them. However, the lip on the lid makes it pretty impossible to fit your whole fingernail into it to get even coverage, so I had to pour a small amount of the pearls onto a flat surface instead (a notepad). This is when they start rolling everywhere. #CurseYouPhysics

Application really is as simple as rolling your nail into the tiny pearls till your nail is completely coated in them. First, paint your nails 2 coats of polish. I was using a pearly Rimmel polish called Crushed Pearl. It's a beautiful formula - smooth and silky - but it's a bit sheer.  After you paint your nails, roll them into the pearls while the polish is still wet. This is what will make the pearls stick to your nails. I was suspicious about how well they'd actually stick... but they surprised me!

"Seal" the pearls onto your nails with a nice thick coat of top coat. Try not to drag too much while you're applying your top coat or you will drag some of the pearls along with it.

Accent nail, Essence Effects Nails, 3D nail art, Candy Buffet

Essence Effects Nails, 3D nail art, Candy Buffet accent nail

Close up, Essence Effects Nails, 3D nail art, Candy Buffet, accent nail

Accent nail with Essence Effects Nails, 3D nail art, Candy Buffet

CLose up Essence Effects Nails, 3D nail art, Candy Buffet

It's kind of hard for the camera to focus on the pearls very well since they reflect so much light, but I think you get the general idea.

These are actually staying on my nails pretty darn well. Occasionally one of them falls off, but they're so tiny that the ones that do fall off don't seem to make that big of a difference to the overall look.

Overall I'm pretty stoked on these things! I'll be going back to Shoppers Drug Mart to try to pick up some of the other Effect Nails soon!

What do you think of this 3D nail art look?

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  1. Great mani, Bailey! I love the rainbowy-sheen they have! So cheerful!
    I haven't tried this kind of mani. I'm totally ocd about textured nails lol!
    Hope you have a fab weekend! xo Amber

  2. Love the pearls!!! I always wanted to try something like it!! Had second thoughts about the caviar nail polish at Sephora, and never bought them.. But I must find these!!! They came out soo cute!!


    1. Yeah I have to be honest - I probably wouldn't buy something like this if it was expensive. These essence ones were probably like $2-$3 at the very most! Definitely worth picking up to try out.

  3. That looks super cool! I've never tried this before but have seen it around. It really is one of the most visually interesting manis, that's for sure! And I love the Rimmel polish! It's a really great neutral and really compliments the pearls perfectly!

  4. Oh, and don't be hating on the "u." It got you the holiday, eh? (HAHAHA!!) Also, you have to admit that labor just looks all kind of weird now, right? You're becoming one of us, Bailey. ;)

  5. That is super cute! I love all the colors!

  6. I figured they would pop off easily, so nice to hear they have good staying power!

    1. Yes I was pleasantly surprised by how well they stayed put. Definitely important to add that top coat too, to seal it all in!

  7. It looks super cute on you and that pearl polish is divine!

    I tried using some 3D flowers the other day and they looked pretty monstrous on my nails. :((
    I would try more 3D nail art but I use my hands too much and I'm afraid they'll all fall off by the end of the day so I guess I'll be staying away from 3D nail art for a while ~_~

    Happy Labor Day Weekend! xx

    1. Ahh, what a bummer that the flowers didn't work out! I have reeeeally small fingernails so I bet that 3D flowers would look a little monstrous on mine too haha! I'm not sure I could have used this nail art on ALL of my nails, but for an accent nail they lasted pretty well - even through many hand washes :)

  8. That's super cute! I would have been really skeptical about them all falling off right away, but it sounds like you've been having great luck. They remind me of sprinkles for your nails!

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog--you should check it out!

    1. They ARE totally sprinkles for your nails!! The "Candy Buffet" name is very apropos :)

  9. SO darling! I've get to get back to painting my nails. I'm horrible at it lately. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I'm glad I have this weekly "nail polish post" on my blog - it gives me a good excuse to paint my nails at least once every week :)

  10. thanks for the comment bailey! love your nails! thanks- my first week did go pretty good!

  11. Love the nails! So cute!

  12. That is so cute! I have a set to do caviar nails, but haven't yet gotten around to it.


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