Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Incredible Vietnamese Sandwiches... from an Italian Gelato Shop

There is a little gelato place right next door to my Kitsilano apartment called Paradiso Italian Gelato, and the fact that there is a gelato place beside my apartment is a bit of a problem for me. (Please see item #38 on this list for some clarification.) I love their mint chocolate chip gelato, which comes with tons of mini chocolate chips right inside of it. Mmm...

But ironically it isn't the gelato that's turned me into a loyal repeat customer at Paradiso. No, it's actually the Italian gelato shop's Vietnamese sandwiches that have kept me coming back.

I like to think of the Vietnamese sandwiches as the real hidden gem of Paradiso... and that's not to say that they're any less prominently featured in the store. It's just that Paradiso is located right at the corner of Yew and Cornwall in Vancouver - right next to the Kitsilano Beach. And they're the only "ice cream-ish" type of place in that part of Kitsilano. Essentially, the demand in this neighborhood is a lot higher for cold gelato than it is for Vietnamese sandwiches. So, all the more for me!!

Here's what's so fabulous about the chicken sandwich at Paradiso:

- pulled chicken
- CILANTRO - my favorite herb of all time and one of my very favorite flavors, period.
- pickled carrots, onions, cucumbers, and jalapenos
- hot sauce
- bread that's always crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - never stale and always tastes fresh and delicious.

The hot sauce and jalapenos make my nose run, for sure, but it's so worth it. These amazing sandwiches are only $5 each.

I love to pick one up and take it down to our beach to eat it on the lawn.

vietnamese sandwich from paradiso vancouver

Vancouver, Paradiso Gelato and Bistro, Chicken sandwich

chicken Vietnamese sandwich from Paradiso, vancouver
vancouver, chicken Vietnamese sandwich from Paradiso

If you're near Kitsilano and looking for some yummy sandwiches to pick up and bring down to the beach, definitely check out Paradiso Gelato & Bistro (1520 Yew St, Vancouver). Just make sure you leave some for me.

Oh, and I suppose you could try their gelato, too, while you're there ;)

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  1. WOW that looks amazing. damn you just made me starvin!

  2. Yum I looove vietnamese sandwiches. This looks delish.

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  3. Yum!! That looks so good!

  4. That looks so good! I want one!

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