Thursday, August 22, 2013

Goodies from the Bride

This is just one of several wedding-related blog posts I'll be putting up in the next week or so! I hope you like celebrations of love. If you don't... well then read this bitchy rant instead.

I was honored to have been asked to be part of the bridal party for my friend Jenna's wedding on August 3. Jenna and I met at UMass circa 2005 and she is one of the most positive and loving people I know. She and her now-hubby Dan started dating just a few months before David and I did, at the end of their senior year at UMass in 2007. They are a gorgeous couple, inside and out, and you can feel their love for each other radiating whenever you're near them.

Their wedding was absolutely perfect, making it even more of a joy for me to be a part of it all. As if getting to be in the bridal party for this beautiful couple wasn't enough, Jenna very thoughtfully gave her bridesmaids some lovely gifts as a way of saying "Thank you" to her girls. She is so sweet!

I loved this fabulous chevron printed makeup bag with my name embroidered into it...

Chevron makeup bag, embroidered with name
You might imagine that it's not easy to find items with my name on them (think keychains/magnets/coffee mugs/pens, etc)... So this was extra exciting for me: 

Name embroidered into makeup bag

Jenna is a talented jewelry-maker, and I knew in advance that she would be making the bridesmaids' jewelry for the big day. What I didn't know was that she was going to be designing unique jewelry for each of the bridesmaids. Here is the beautiful amethyst necklace and earring set that she designed just for me:

Amethyst jewelry set

Aren't they gorgeous?! I loved the dangling chain detail that hangs down the back of the necklace:

Amethyst jewelry set - necklace and earrings
.  the jewelry came in this beautiful little box too  .
.  bonus!  .
Jenna also gave each of her bridesmaids a glass ornament in the shape of our first initial:

Glass initial ornament
.  B is for "miiiiine, Bitchessss!"  .

It's a beautiful translucent light blue ornament of pretty substantial weight. I really like it and will probably hang it up on the wall behind my desk, which is sort of "my area" of our living room. Since Dave and I always buy tiny Christmas trees, I'm not sure that any holiday tree of ours will ever be strong enough to hold this ornament!

Here are all of the bridesmaids together at the rehearsal dinner:

Bridesmaids at rehearsal dinner
.  dan's sister theresa, me, jenna's sister lauren (MOH), jenna, abigail, sarah, kara  .
Check out the gorgeous bouquets that the bridesmaids got to hold during the wedding! I wish I had a close-up of these bouquets because they contained some amazingly unique items. Eucalyptus, succulents, lavender-colored roses, lamb's ear, calla lilies, orchids, and more. Jenna's bouquet is the one in the center with the additional bright magenta flowers.

Fun fact: The above is the last picture I have from the entire wedding ceremony/reception. After this my camera died and refused to take a picture the rest of the night!!! For that reason, any pictures from the actual wedding that I post here will not have been taken by me.

I also happened to have caught the bridal bouquet at the reception. Hysterically I wasn't even trying to catch it and I'd even had to be physically pushed out onto the floor to participate in the bouquet toss in the first place (thanks Derek and Marcou for the literal nudge). Even though her back was turned, Jenna seemed to throw the bouquet directly at me, so maybe she's trying to tell me something?

Another thing that I loved from attending this wedding were the favors: tiny glass jars of Mediterranean sea salt/seasoning. I snagged a few of them at the end of the night and have been using this seasoning on everything. Sandwiches, pasta sauce, salads, soups - you name it, I've seasoned it with this stuff. Jenna and Dan are both Italian, so this Mediterranean seasoning was very fitting.

I've got another post planned that's all about the fun hair and makeup we had done on the morning of the wedding. Getting our hurrr and makeup did professionally was a blast!

I also plan to do a whole post with lots of pictures from the wedding and, as promised, none of the photos will be my own. #ThanksCamera #WayToDieAtTheWorstTime

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  1. Love all the stuff Bailey - the jewelry is beautiful! I really like your dress from the rehearsal dinner too!

    1. Thanks Lauren! The dress was a vintage store find in Portland.

  2. Wow she really went all out on the bridesmaid gifts! That's awesome :) I love that pretty necklace she made you! And the bouquets are gorgeous!

  3. too cute! -- especially love the sea salt!

    1. I've seriously been going nuts with that stuff - I'll be sad when I run out!!

  4. Looks like it was so much fun getting prepared to the wedding! Love the bouquets. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  5. Love your blog, this is such a cute post! Weddings are so much fun!

    I'd love it if you could check out my blog too, and I hope we can follow each other. Drop me a comment if you do, and I'll happily return the favor! :D


    Grace X

  6. Looks like a lot of fun! I love the chevron bag too, what a sweet gift :)


    1. I loved that chevron bag too - anything with my name on it enamors me... and now that I've typed that it sounds very self-centered. #ohwell

  7. There are so many pretty things in this post! SO MANY! I don't even know where to start! Love the bag (I also have THE HARDEST time finding anything with my name, as I'm a JennIE and not a JennY, or a Jen). The necklace and earrings are freaking gorge and the salt is such an awesome idea! AND IT IS ALSO PRETTY! I'm usually anti-being-a-bridesmaid but I would totally do it I got this kind of swag. Haha!

  8. Gah! I also forgot to talk about the bouquets!!! They are legit some of the nicest I've ever seen. They're soft but really interesting to look at. Okay, I'm really done now. Ha!

  9. Bailey! not sure how I am just seeing this post now, but it really showed me how much you love and care for my sister and it means so much! incredible job with the photos and descriptions! Jenna is lucky to have a friend like you! PS now im off to read the blog about us getting ready that morning! woohoo!

    1. You are so sweet Lauren!!! :) Love your whole family! <3


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