Friday, August 23, 2013

Pacific Blue with a Pop of Neon

This week my nail polish has once again been inspired by a fashion blogger's outfit. Thank god for these creative girls or else I might be out of a hobby.

Ally from Gumboot Glam pinned a picture of herself wearing this remarkably colorful outfit - a neon yellow blazer over a cobalt blue top. It was such an outstanding color combo - each color made the other appear brighter. Knowing that I had two colors in my nail polish stash that would coincide perfectly with this look, I pinned Ally's outfit to my Nail Polish board. {Lot of hyperlinks in that last paragraph. I hope you clicked them all.}

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue w/ a pop of neon yellow

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Claire's Sunshine neon yellow

Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue is such a gorgeous, pigmented color. Sometimes you can even get away with just one coat of it! I used two coats here.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue w/ a pop of neon yellow nail polish

This neon yellow polish from Claire's is called Sunshine - truly a lackluster and thoughtless name for such an exciting color, if you ask me. My only problem with it is that it's verrrrry sheer - I lost count of how many coats I had to use over my white base. It also seems to dry matte, which is strange. My below pictures all have a top coat on them, so that gives the nails some extra shine.

Claire's Sunshine neon yellow nail polish with Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue w/ a pop of neon yellow accent nail

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and a pop of neon yellow

If you check out my Nail Polish board on Pinterest you'll get a look at some of the other outfits that are inspiring me, so you can scope out which ones may end up here on aka Bailey in the near future!

Have you seen a cool outfit that you think would make a fabulous manicure? Tweet it to me (@akaBailey) or leave it in a comment below!

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  1. Love this - that's soooome kinda yellow! I like how the yellow reflects in the blue, making a little green on your middle finger. Fun!

  2. I think that all neons dry as a matte, which is totally annoying (although I do use a top coat so I guess it doesn't matter). That blue is INCREDIBLE! I'm totally looking for it the next time I'm out. It's so bright, but also deep and I don't have anything like it (which is remarkable as I have a ridiculous amount of polish, ha). China Glaze makes a good neon yellow, if you want to try another one. I use a base of white and then two coats of the yellow. Maybe if you tried a base of white with your yellow, it'd turn out better? You should totally try because this colour combo is amazeballs! Haha!

  3. That's cute! I like it! I've never tried the different color on one nail... I guess I have too much trouble doing them all the same color, lol! And you DO deserve a monogrammed coffee cup! Everyone does!

  4. I love that blue! Wandering off to check my stash as I seem to remember buying this at one point....

    1. Isn't it a gorgeous color?! I first saw it in a beauty gurus YouTube video, and I couldn't take my eye off her nails as she was talking. It's so bright and shocking! And it's one of the few "Hard as Nails XTreme Wear" polishes that doesn't streak terribly.

  5. Your nails are so cute, and the colors are bright and fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Love this color combo! Great neon yellow polish :)

    1. Thanks Kim! It takes a million coats to be opaque but that neon yellow is worth it!

  7. That is an AWESOME blue!! I got a SH polish a few weeks ago that was blue. I think I should have gotten that shade. LOVE it!! You did a fab job with neatness too! Sometimes such bright colors are hard for me to clean up well around the edges. :)


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