Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Gussied Up: Wedding Hair & Makeup

On the morning of the August 3 wedding of my good friend Jenna, I joined the other bridesmaids and the beautiful bride-to-be at Salon Bellisimo in Newburyport, MA to get our hurrr and makeup did.

We showed up with a few carfuls of women and were greeted enthusiastically by the team of stylists and makeup artists who were there to make us all look super fly. Basically everyone in the room was enthusiastic that morning, so there was a lot of estrogen and good vibes flowing.

And champagne - there was champagne flowing too!

Yes, to kick off our session of "ladies gettin' lovely" at the salon, there was a table of champagne/prosecco and OJ/cranberry juice for mimosas, fruit, and a box of assorted bagels with cream cheese. It was really a lovely spread:

Jenna's mother Elaine even brought us a platter of some fantastic homemade mini-quiches that she had whipped up for us that morning!

The stylists promptly got to work cycling all of us through their hair and makeup chairs.

.  jenna getting some falsies!  .

Jenna let us figure out for ourselves what we wanted to have done with our hair and told us to do whatever we felt comfortable with. I wear my hair in a simple side braid about 90% of the time - it's an easy peasy hairstyle and I'm not one to use a hair dryer or straightener very often. I thought it would be nice for the wedding if I went with a "fancier" version of my normal braid, so I asked for a fishtail braid. Here were the two inspiration pictures that I brought with me:

My stylist, Stephanie, claimed to be a little uncertain about how to do a fishtail... but she totally knew what she was doing. She did a fantastic job, too, and even gave me an awesome bump in the back for some v-v-volume. #BumpIt

.  bout to get that bump, bitchessssss  .

Jenna had some fun extensions added to her hair, which were then curled into big fabulous curls. 

The stylists at Salon Bellisimo masterfully maneuvered all us women through the lines of hair stylists and makeup artists, weaving us in and out of each other seamlessly. By the end of it, we all looked really freaking fabulous. I barely wear any makeup usually (beyond mascara/lip balm), so getting my face professionally done with airbrush makeup was pretty fun.

Here we all are right before we left the salon - Lauren (holding the veil in the middle) is also a professional makeup artist so she did her own makeup after we left the salon. Abigail (second from the left) was also doing her own makeup later that day.

.  this photo was taken by (and belongs to) the salon owner, lorna  .
.  me, abigail, theresa, lauren, jenna, sarah, kara  .


Salon Bellisimo
113 Merrimac St
Newburyport, MA
978.463.0004 //

One more wedding post coming soon - this one about the actual wedding!

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  1. Love it! I want to see a picture of the back of your braid!!

  2. Must've been a ton of fun. I've always wanted to try a fishtail braid but I've been keeping my hair short for years. You and the other ladies all look fab!

    Del @

    1. Fishtails are one of my favorite braids! They always get LOTS of compliments. :)

  3. It's sounds like you all had a good time. And everybody looks wonderful.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. Wow you all look so beautiful!! What a fun thing! Isn't getting your hair and makeup professionally done the best?! And so much fun with friends around I bet! And bagels! haha I love me some bagels..

  5. awww such a fun morning! I love reading the way you captured it!


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