Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pinterest Project Update: Empty Frames as Wall Art

A couple months ago I posted my interpretation of a Pinterest project - empty picture frames hung as wall art. It was a super simple idea that takes mere minutes of work (plus paint drying time) - just find picture frames with interesting textures, paint them all one color (white), and hang them together in a cluster on a wall.

I started off with 3 frames and recently upped my game to include 2 more frames. I thought I'd share the update so you can see what it's looking like now.

Here were the two additional frames I bought and painted...

After several coats of white spray paint and a few nails hammered into a wall, they finished off the wall of frames nicely:

Empty frames as wall art
five empty picture frames used as wall art
Empty frame painted white
.  close up of the deets  .

I don't think I'll be adding more frames to this now - seems like it's got enough going on.  A perfect way to spruce up a random corner of our bedroom!

Here's what it looked like when there were just 3 frames:

three empty frames as wall art

Have you tried this out yet in your own home? Tweet me a picture at @akaBailey!

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  1. I love empty frames on a wall, this looks SO good! :)

  2. The one bigger one has some great detail! Great find!

  3. Pinterest is so inspiring! I love what you did with the frames!


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