Monday, August 5, 2013

Salmon Cucumber Boats? Whaaaat?

Salmon cucmber boats. I KNOW what you're thinking. It sounds cray, but it's quite good. This recipe will take very little time to prepare and, as far as I can tell, it's all pretty darn healthy too. #DoubleWhammy #EffYouPaulaDeen

I found a very easy recipe in Women's Health mag, which I modified slightly by using Greek yogurt (vs regular yogurt) and nixing the capers that the original recipe called for. Capers are effing gross, sooooo....  NO THANKS.

Here's what you need:

- half an English cucumber (one of those looong cukes) or just one regular cucumber. (Canadian? American? I dunno, it's rude to ask.)
- 1 can of salmon
- 2-3 tbsp Greek yogurt (I accidentally bought lime flavored Greek yogurt and then had to go back to the store to buy even more yogurt in a non-lime flavor... so choose your yogurt carefully.)
- 1 tsp mustard (the recipe called for yellow mustard but I used dijon and it was delightful)
- 1 small tomato
- 1/2 an avocado
- salt and pepper, to taste

First, cut your cucumber in half length-wise and scoop out its seedy innards, leaving a channel down the center of each half:

Cucumber boats
.  i wanna scoop, baby  .

In a bowl, mix together your salmon, yogurt, mustard, and salt & pepper. Combine well.

Chop up the tomato and avocado. 

Salmon Cucumber Boats and Veggies

Stuff the cucumber halves with your salmon mixture...

Salmon Cucumber boats with tomato and avocado

Stuffed Salmon Cucumber Boats

I made this for myself for dinner one night, sprinkling the top of the cucumber boats with the avocado and tomato. It was a filling and refreshing light summer dinner.

Stuffed Cucumbers - Salmon, Avocado, Tomatoes

If it's your first time buying canned salmon don't be alarmed that there are bones in it. I freaked out a little at first, until I did a ton of Googling to discover that it's totally fine for bones to be inside of canned salmon. You're not going to choke on them, and I promise they won't puncture your throat or stomach on the way down. In fact, they add a bit of a crunchy texture and apparently even supply a good amount of calcium... which makes sense - being bones and all. Just try not to think about that part too much while you're eating...

Try these salmon cucumber boats and let me know how you like them!

For more ways to eat Greek yogurt, check out this blog.

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  1. I've yet to try canned salmon...I love tuna and canned chicken and buy them in bulk at Costco. Maybe it's time to make the leap to salmon! :)

  2. That actually sounds amazing!! I love cucumbers, greek yogurt and avocados and I can even stand salmon in small amounts haha. I totally want to try this right now :)

  3. This seems really good, fresh & light I like for a hot summer night that you don't want to cook. So you just have the tomatoes and avocado on the side... you don't add them into the salmon mixture?

  4. Love this idea! So many options for it!


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