Thursday, July 17, 2014

1 Good Thing & 1 Bad Thing: The Accessories Edition

Hey, you can't always have a few good things in a row. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Such is the case with accessories in my life lately.

On the one (good) hand, I was walking past the 4th Ave Footlocker recently when a wall display inside the store's big glass windows caused me to actually stop in my tracks.

Adidas display in Footlocker

DAT'S RIGHT. The shell toes are back, y'all!!

All white Adidas shell toe sneakers

Anyone remember back in February when I said that I was looking everywhere in Vancouver (even the freaking Adidas stores!) for a pair of all-white shell toes, but there were NONE to be found?? "Mark my words," I said at the time. "Those damn things are going to come back into style and you're ALL GOING TO SEE."

Actually, my exact quote from February 5, 2014 was:
I rocked the all-white shell toes back in college and I want another pair so badly. I can't find any of the all-whites in the stores right now, though I've been looking. Dave makes fun of me and tells me that it's because it's not the 90s anymore... But I think everyone is just so wrong on this. IF shell toes ever went "out" of style in the first place, they're definitely due for a comeback. Just don't say I didn't warn you or that you didn't hear it here first!
I MEAN. Come on. Look at me, predicting trends over here.

The only hiccup here is that Footlocker so far only has that style in men's sizes, with the smallest size being an 8.5. Which is obviously massive. But I can only assume that the style will trickle down to the women's shoes soon enough. AND WHEN IT DOES. I'm on it.

... But as the title of this blog indicates, there is a bit of "bad" news as well. We need to have a moment of silence for my freshly departed pair of sewwwwper cewte Forever21 sunglasses:

Colorful pair of Forever21 sunglasses

These things have been with me for a couple years now, a notable feat for a sub-$6 pair of sunnies. Their bevy of colors meant that they went well with so many different summer outfits, and they were a constant source of compliments (which is never a bad thing). These glasses met their sad end while I was paddleboarding in English Bay last Thursday. They slid off the top of my head and into the water without my noticing, and by the time I realized it, they were long gone. While they were a well-loved accessory, this is really just a perfect example of why it's foolish (for me) to spend much money on sunglasses. Bummed though I was, I haven't been losing too much sleep over losing my cheap-o sunnies. Actually I already replaced them with two more pairs from Forever21 this past Sunday.

But it's still definitely a bad thing that they're gone.

So there you have it - out (and overboard) with the old (sunglasses) and in with the new (shell toes).

Any good or bad news in your accessory life lately? Share your dramas with me ;)

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  1. YES I had a pair of shell toes. LOVED them so much but outgrew them. Can't wait for them to be back.
    Also super cute sunglasses. What a bummer. But a fine reason to get new pairs, right? :D

    1. Keep an eye out in the local Footlockers!! And yesss, I loved having an excuse to go pick out a couple more pairs of cheap sunglasses. ;)

  2. aw! long live your psychadelic sunglasses...(at the bottom of the ocean...unfortunately..)
    A Beautiful Zen


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