Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Quinoa Burger Worth Writing About

This is just a quick blog that I felt compelled to post about an amazing burger I ate recently in my Kitsilano neighborhood.

To set the scene, I was out running some errands when suddenly it began to rain... and then POUR. I was caught without an umbrella, several blocks from home, with a what-feels-sorta-like-leather handbag. I HAD NO CHOICE but to declare 4pm a totally acceptable time for an early dinner and duck into the first restaurant I happened upon. It was Romer's Burger Bar, a place that, incidentally, I'd been wanting to go to for awhile anyway. Its location is just far enough down 4th Ave that we rarely walk that far for dinner or lunch, but here I was on that suddenly rainy afternoon - presented with the option of either dining there or running home in the downpour. I chose the former, obvi. That's what this blog is about. You know that.

Anyway. It didn't take me long AT ALL to figure out what was goin' in my belly that day:  their quinoa burger and their watermelon salad. Nom. Nom.

The details:

Keen-Wa Burger: A hand-crafted quinoa patty, skinny bun, avocado aioli, local goat cheese (which I skipped because EW GOAT CHEESE), tomatoes, greens, mustard vinaigrette, and what appeared to be julienned apples. I don't know why the apples weren't listed on the menu, but they was alright with me.

Watermelon Salad:  With watercress, watermelon chunks, feta cheese, and some sort of citrusy vinaigrette for dressing.

The damn things:

Amazing quinoa burger from Romers Burger Bar in Vancouver

I MEAN. Good lord. Lookin good, quinoa burger! LOOKIN REAL GOOD. Tastin' real gewd, tew. Mmm... The orangey-citrus dressing on the watermelon salad was really bright and delightful as well. The quinoa burger fell apart a good deal, as most veggie burgers do. But look at those gorgeous little quinoa beads up there in that picture! LOOK AT THEM! For a golden burger to be made out of something so exquisitely natural and healthy... it's perfectly fine with me if I have to eat some of it with my fingers after it falls apart onto my plate. Still tastes delish.

So that's all I needed to say/show you from Romer's. Probably not the best review of the entire place, since it's a burger joint and all, and you'd probably be going there for the meat and the beefy burgers. But if you're a fan of veggie burgers and looking for a good one in Kitsilano... now you know that Romer's has you covered, brah.

Romer's Burger Bar
1873 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC

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  1. I got hungry just looking at that! I am going to do my best to find the equivalent somewhere around here.

    1. I'm going to do my best to find a recipe to try to make it myself!! Mmm... I love finding new ways to use quinoa :)


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