Monday, July 14, 2014

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe in Vancouver

Just a few blocks up the hill from my apartment, there's a very popular 4th Ave diner called Sophie's Cosmic Cafe. Since moving to Vancouver, Sophie's has become one of our top picks for breakfast places... in part due to its close proximity to our home, but also because of their tasty food and fun atmosphere. You've probably even heard me mention it here on my blog multiple times, if you're any sort of a regular reader.

See, Sophie's doesn't just serve up food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) - they also serve up a trip down memory lane. Every inch of the entire building is decorated - covered, I should say  - in old, classic toys and nostalgic memorabilia.

Even the building's facade has character - "Sophie's Cosmic Cafe" is spelled out above the door in leopard print letters, and the entrance is flanked by a 4-foot-tall fork and knife set...

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe in Vancouver
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 Here's a peek inside the place, though keep in mind that I took these photos months ago, during the holiday season (hence the Christmas decorations you may notice in some of the pics)...

Inside Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, decorations

My Little Pony decorations inside Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

Wall decor in Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, Vancouver

Such crazy wall decorations in Sophie's!
.  obviously these particular pictures were snapped back during the holiday season  .

Vintage Coke bottle railing, inside Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, Vancouver

Tractor toys on the wall in Sophie's Cosmic Cafe
.  this is a shot looking UP a wall!  .
They have cute hand-drawn placemats too...

Hand-drawn placemats at Sophie's Cosmic Cafe in Vancouver

Onto the food though!

Menu, Sophie's Cosmic Cafe in Vancouver

There is a massive menu, so be forewarned. However, my favorite section of their breakfast menu is called the Light and Low Cholesterol Breakfasts, which is where I always order from.

Light and Low Cholesterol Breakfasts at Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

Actually, I always order the same thing - 2 poached (medium) eggs, wheat toast, bacon, and a side of fruit. It's called the Light Breakfast and it comes with a choice of bacon or sausage and fruit or salad. I love how thick the toast is and the slightly vinegary taste of the poached eggs.

The fruit bowl at Sophie's is also one of the best in Kitsilano, as far as breakfast places go. They give you banana, kiwi, strawberry, melon, pear, orange, grapes and grapefruit!

Poached eggs, bacon, wheat toast, fruit bowl at Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, Light Breakfast, Vancouver

If you're in the Vancouver area and are into yummy breakfasts AND pop culture relics/vintage toys, you should probably head to Sophie's. There is always something to look at, and they even have a great patio that's open during the warmer months.
2095 West 4th ave, Vancouver, BC
(604) 732 6810

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This post isn't sponsored. I just love breakfast food.
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  1. i passed by this almost everyday for 5 years on the 99 B-Line to UBC and i NEVER went. but REALLY wanted to...and now i know where you live (generally) i promise not to be a creepy stalker. yet another establishment i can add to my places to eat at.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Yesss, definitely put it onto your list of breakfast places to stop into the next time you're in town! It's worth the wait - at least once :) (Also... stalk away.)

  2. Looks good! I've never been there before but I'm down to try it someday! :)

    xo T.

  3. What a gem!!!! That place looks so fun. I love anything vintage! I was born in the wrrrrong decade!

  4. I love places like Sophie's - good food and cheerful atmosphere. Have you been to Bon's on Broadway? It's a ghetto place but has a super cheap breakfast and the walls are covered in all kinds of rock posters and graffiti drawn by past customers.


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